Clean to moderate gain liveset

Started by jwhitcomb3, September 29, 2022, 09:25:21 AM

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You cannot view this attachment. You cannot view this attachment. This liveset is for a GT-1000CORE into my guitar amp input. It is set up for two FS-7 switches (or any other two-button switches). The presets range from clean to moderate gain.

CTL4/5 do preset up/down, which frees up the three foot switches on the CORE for effects with the benefit of the LEDs.

  Down Arrow - DIST2 block
  Up Arrow - FX block
  CTL1 - solo boost (usually DIST1 solo)
  CTL2 - toggle between two FX types (when FX block (^ arrow) is on)
  CTL3 - FX options (e.g., fast/slow modulation speed)

For manual mode:

  DOWN - Master Delay
  UP - Compressor

I don't use the amp or reverb blocks in the main output signal chain to my external amplifier input (I use the amp's reverb), but AMP/REV blocks are in the sub-out chain if I want to go direct to the PA/mixer. The external amp is a deluxe reverb type set to edge-of-breakup.

The first five presets are my bread & butter, progressing from really clean to moderate overdrive. Presets 6-10 are variations on medium gain and FX choices. For Jekyll & Hyde the down arrow switches between clean and a gnarly distortion mixed with ring modulation. Jekyll & Hymie is a tamer version.

I play a Tele style guitar with moderate output pickups and the volume rolled back to 7, so setting the GT1000 input to +9 dB works for me. Amazing how much the input setting affects the tone!