If autowah is possible, is autowhammy?

Started by lavigie, July 09, 2022, 01:57:58 PM

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I've been wondering if it would be possible to configure something in order to have an autowhammy : pitch goes up (or down) automatically when you play a note, at a defined rate, so you don't have to use an expression pedal for that effect.

Has anyone tried this yet?


Pretty late with my answer, but only just stumbled on your question...

There is a virtual expression pedal in the unit (I only have the GT-001 and that unit has it, the manual/parameter list of the GT-1000Core seems to cover the same feature)
You could assign it to the pitch shifter (or any other parameter of any other effect)

https://static.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/GT-1000CORE_prm_eng02_W.pdf (page 42)


Great idea, thank you, I didn't know about an internal pedal.

It is mentioned in the manual, and I gave it a look but I cannot configure it. There might be something about the TRIGGER that I'm not able to find or maybe it's something else.

Has anyone managed to use the internal pedal? If you have config tips I'd be very grateful!

Thanks for your help


Internal Pedal is more of a "one shot event" triggered by something like a CTL pedal.

Wave Pedal is a cyclic low frequency oscillator which results in a continuous event change, which I think is the option you want.
Use an Assign so the Pedal Bend "pedal position" is controlled by "Wave Pedal", and choose a rate which you want it to repeat at.
Also choose a "wave form" for the wave pedal to suit,
sine = even cycle up and down
triangle = slow ramp up/down and quick return to zero
Square = works like off/on/off/on.
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Input ( input sense ) assign to pedal position in pedal bend should work.
Or assigned to trigger in S-bend
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