GT-1B - Assign the Looper to a footswitch?

Started by Noirbass, October 08, 2021, 08:57:16 AM

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As I explained in my previous post I'm using my GT-1B with an external footswitch (FS-7) to scroll up and down through the presets. This leaves the 3 foot switches on the unit free to turn effects on and off. In order to do this I have had to disable the 'Loop' and 'Tuner' function when you press two foot switches together as I kept accidentally turning the functions on mid gig!

My question is can I now assign the Looper function to one of the onboard switches? I have the tuner assigned correctly, but can't find the Looper?

I spent ages trying to work it out and can't seem to find it.

Your collective help is always very much appreciated in these matters.


Sadly this time, having looked on the unit and in the manual, the reply is a definite no; the ONLY way to put the GT1 (and I assume GT-1B) into Looper mode is the double press. You CAN assign that to either the DOWN/UP (default TUNER) pair or the UP/CTL1 pair (default LOOPER) . . . . On the plus side, the looper in the GT1 is pretty poor, IMHO, so you now have a great excuse to buy a dedicated looper pedal. I've owned an RC50, and currently own an RC30 and RC300, and they're all great. It's worth reviewing the features of all the Boss loopers as without knowing your specific needs, I couldn't recommend a particular model. If you were satisfied with the feature set of the inbuilt GT-1B looper, you would probably be happy enough with the RC1. . . . . 


Rolfay, thanks for coming to the rescue again.Whilst it wasn't the answer I was hoping for it does at least mean I can move forward and not waste anymore time.
It appears Boss limited the functionality of the looper in the GT-1's to encourage users to buy one of their dedicated loopers.
Luckily I have an RC-5 so it looks like I'll be adding that to the board.


. . . I did wake up this morning with the thought that you could try switching the looper on, double tap as normal, then save the patch with the looper turned on. Then you would have to disable the looper double switch as previously described. I haven't tried this and honestly don't expect it to work, but if the looper state is saved in the preset, you might get lucky and you would create a patch with the looper on when loaded. . . .  Of course you would need duplicate patches, one with the looper off, one with it on, if you wanted the full functionality of the patch in standard mode. . . . As I say, I haven't tried it and don't expect it will work. . . .


 . . . just checked, looper state is NOT saved in a patch. So the above won't work. Sorry. As I said previously IMHO the GT1 looper is quite poor, put there as a practise tool, not really performance capable; as you own an RC5, I'd say this is a win, as the looping capabilities of that pedal are so much better than the built in looper of the GT-1B. It's interesting that (it seems to me) a lot of gripes with the GTK and GTKcore seem to be concerned with the quality of the looper, which essentially has the same functionality of the GT1 looper, albeit with a stereo option . . . . So Boss could put in a much better looper into their multi effect pedals, but truth is the built in looper is there to open users' eyes to the possibilities of looping and wet the users' appetite, and encourage the purchase of a dedicated looper pedal. My first Boss multi effect unit was a second hand GT-10; it has a phrase looper, I very much suspect identical to that in the GT-1 and GT1000; I've bought 3 Boss loopers since (sold one), because that simple tool really turned me on to the idea. At the end of the day, the GT-1 has some fantastic features (not least of which it runs of 4 AA batteries!), but at the price point, it's not going to do everything, or even a fraction of what the GT-1000 + RC-30 or RC-300/500 are capable of. A pedal board consisting of the GT-1 and one compact Boss pedal is still quite a minimal footprint for the processing power it gives you. Enjoy!


Big complaint of GT-1000 is Looper is not global, only  accessible if the current patch has the Built in Looper controls mapped to the limited number of  stomp mode footswitches = lame

Compare to the excellent Looper in Helix/ Headrush/Kemper-where the Looper Mode is accessible anytime via footswitches.   from any current patch.

Classic example of Boss reducing a feature in the large MFX (including Flagship)   so as not to negatively impact sales of their dedicated RC-x  Looper pedal products


. . . Other folks are discussing this . . . . it's a long running fairly sparse thread, but if Elantric and CodeSmart are on the case, that's your best bet . . . . .