Jam Synth GK and the future possibilities of hex software

Started by dreamless, October 01, 2021, 12:34:26 PM

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Quote from: Nobulusprime on February 25, 2022, 09:28:34 AM
I'll do some more digging with it. For me it's all about the quality of the oscillators. The SY1000 has got quite gritty oscillators on the dynamic synth which is very much like the SY300. This is great for some stuff and but not others. The ADSR on the Jam Synth one is good

The best oscillators I have used that are based on the guitar strings themselves are the mono synth blocks on the Axe FX ii. They have very pure sounding tones but they are mono. They would have be great if those algorithms (or something like them) could have been used in the SY1000 as it would have removed the need for the glitchy OSC synth.
I could not agree more, the Axe FX oscillators are surprisingly fat and analog synth sounding, track very consistent and with very low latency.


It's been a year since the last update! It isn't vaporware - it's just very ambitious? I have improved the tracking and started putting the UI together. I don't want to add any new features until the beta is out. Improving the tracking may have increased the latency a little but it is still very playable with very little glitching.

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Not yet, I just have to tie up some loose ends and add some settings like pickup orientation (normal or reversed) and buffer size (up to 128 feels alright).