Dual Stereo Switcher -- questionss/orders

Started by edgarfreedom, April 06, 2021, 10:26:37 AM

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I'm taking questions and orders for a small production run of a MIDI ProgChg-controllable Dual Stereo Switcher (actually a Quad Mono Switcher) that has two separate stereo (four separate mono) pathways that are 'both/either/neither' programmable/switchable.
I use it to choose both/either/neither of two stereo paths to offer my VG8's aux L/R in--and that's only using one pathway!
A browser-based programmer has been written.
Quite clean, electrostatically shielded reed relays do the switching.
Rev1 *doesn't* switch GK.  Nor does it provide momemtary/latch outputs.  Thanks for the ideas, though.