NUX - MG-300 Firmware

Started by admin, October 18, 2020, 11:00:08 PM

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NUX MG-300 FW 2.01.01

1.Extra Function: MASTER VOLUME SAVE & LOCK in GLOBAL setting.

2.Extra Function: In EDIT mode, press both " GROUP MODULE" buttons, you can ENGAGE/DISENGAGE current block.

3.Extra Function: In GLOBAL setting, press "SAVE" to save current OUTPUT MODE & GLOBAL EQ.

4.Extra Function: In PRESET mode, press SAVE, you can save current patch location as default reboot patch location.

5.Fixed Function: All the system settings, if there is no HINT, press "EDIT/EXIT" to quit, press "SAVE" to save.

6.Fixed Function: While you save current patch to other patch location, the current patch name will rewrite target patch location name.

See bottom of page

FW Update Guide



What's NEW in Firmware V3?

1. Stageman Acoustic Amp Model
2. Acoustic IRs: T814,M OM28
3. P.L (Patch Level)
4. More accurate Output Modes
5. Loopback USB routing for live streaming