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NEW from NUX is the MG-300 guitar modelling processor, with 25 different amp and cab IR's, 4 different mics with 3 different positions, 24 effects pedals from modulation, reverb, delay, overdrive, flange, chorus, rotary vibe and more! 56 drum loops to use for practice, alongside the built in 60 second looper and integrated tuner as well as configurable expression pedal and USB audio stream (recording interface with re-amp function), and more!


Preset sounds: 0:47
The 'Quick Tone' editor: 4:16
Microphone sounds: 8:42
The drum machine/looper: 10:27

NUX built the popular Mini Core Series and the Verdugo Series (post effects) using Core Image Technology. Now MG-300 provides you with the same sound library - including all the classic Chorus, Flanger, Phase, Vibe, Rotary, Vibrato, and more.

If you have tried out the Cerberus or Atlantic, you know NUX's impressive Delay and Reverb sound. MG-300 offers even more new models and algorithms with Core Image technology. It also provides sub-division and tap tempo to make your tone more musical.

The NUX MG-300 also has the ability to connect to the NUX Quick Tone free editing software which will connect to your PC or MAC for easy editing of the patches in the unit and also gives you a bigger screen to work with and further editing options.

You can also load your own IR's or 3rd party IR's to expand the sound library.

The MG-300 also has USB stream for recording with routing setup. And a global 3 band EQ.

An incredible practice unit packed with features and tones, you can of course create your own patches and save them into the unit for recall, choosing the amp, cab, mic and effects pedals that you want.

Ive been using the unit for over two weeks now and the guitar tones i can get are great, the clean tones are also amazing, really inspiring to use this unit for practice and gigging if you need to. Compact and versatile - thanks for watching.

On Leon Todd's MG-300 Video bump up the Youtube Video resolution to hear Stereo Audio
At 7:26 he demos the Stereo Detune

They just sold out at Amazon for $129

Its begging for a Teensy USB Host MIDI Foot controller.



johnnathancordy wrote>

So Nux sent me this MG300 to check out. I guess it has got to be one of the cheapest modellers I've ever played, but I'm not a snob so I wanted to give it a fair shake. Anyway, this is my second time messing around with the looper, and ended up just playing for about 30 minutes with the Fender Twin and the J Rockett Melody and Free the Tone SOV2.

Could this be ideal for beginners/people not wanting to drop loads of $£ on a modeller? Maybe!



Go to 5:00 min to see how the MG-300  Expression pedal can get re-assigned to other effects - like ( Whammy)

MG-300 Firmware Update, ASIO USB Audio Driver,  MG-300 Editor , Cab IR Loading Demo, Re-Amping with Apple Logic DAW.



QuoteThanks NUX! After receiving this effect device and playing for a week, it does  have any function and sound. It can be used as a sound card. It can load the IR box and it is almost the same as a general desktop effect. The portability is invincible. The most important thing is that the sound is still very good. The most important thing is to sell. price. . It's so cheap! This video does not speak, everyone just listen to the sound~ I hope you will like this sharing!

QuoteNUX Gp-100, vs Helix, VS Deluxe Reverb
Quote20 minute overview



Luis Galang

Haven't played this in years...saw EJ patches on my new NUX MG-300, thought I'd give it a go and see if the patches get the "intention" of the tones in the song. I say very very close :)

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Dennis Kayzer wrote>

The new MG-300 Modelling Guitar Processor from NUX is aimed squarely at the budget end of the virtual amp and effects sector. This little all-in-one unit manages to pack in quite a bit in its portable size. It uses a TSAC-HD (True Simulation of Analog Circuit) algorithm for its amp modelling and built-in effects which include analogue overdrive and distortion effects, as well as post-style effects such as chorus, flanger, phase, vibe, rotary, vibrato, delay, and reverb.



How to use NUX MG-300 as "recording interface"? Use Logic Pro as a DAW demo to record a song. For details, please go to:


I wish it was stereo out. And midi. Future 'pro' model maybe.


Quote from: mchad on September 03, 2020, 08:32:33 PM
I wish it was stereo out. And midi. Future 'pro' model maybe.

NUX MG-300 is Stereo OUT ( with excellent Stereo FX)  - they just used a common TRS OUTPUT jack for both main out and Headphone Out 

Add an Instert cable yields Stereo Left & Right Outputs


Thanks Admin.

I hope it has the NUX Tape Core pedal in it.




The awesome new modeler from NUX is a beast. And an affordable one!
I made 3 patches for the song "Cause we've ended as lovers" by Jeff Beck.
I will do a full review soon, so stay tuned!

Download my Patches at YouTube Link



Hawaiian Mutton

number 4! just a clean patch I like to noodle on.. enjoy!

Download the patches here @

Check out the previous videos videos below

1. Clouds:
2. Pacific:
3. Big Fish:
4. Feather:



This is my demo of the MG300 by NUX. A small guitar modeling pedalwhich is very affordable. In the demo I'm using it with a real powewramp (bluguitar amp1) and a real guitar cab.
and its sound great!

I am demoing all pedals in this unit, from overdrive to reverbs