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Digital Igloo wrote>

Given the same block flow, POD Go should sound identical to Helix/HX, with the following caveats:
The three effects with the biggest DSP hit were omitted (Tone Sovereign, Clawthorn Drive, Cosmos Echo)
This likely means that any future models that are similar size or larger (like polyshifters) will also be omitted
The Distortion > Carvin Legacy model in 2.90 is also too big to fit
Distortions, Pitch/Synth, and Dynamics blocks are mono only
NEW: This precludes the Pitch/Synth > 3 OSC Synth model, which is stereo only
All other effects are stereo only
Delay time is cut in half (2s stereo vs. Helix/HX's 8s mono/4s stereo)
Looper time is less (80s mono/40s stereo at 1/2-speed vs. Helix/HX's 120s mono/60s stereo)
Variable analog impedance removed (fixed at 1M Ohm)
Guitar In's dynamic range specs in at, I believe, ~112-113dB (still higher than many flagships) vs. HX/Helix's 123dB
POD Go's models are already fully optimized, meaning they likely will not receive future improvements that affect DSP usage. (Tweaks? Sure. Extra math? Probably not.) In the latest Helix/HX firmware, models have not yet been fully optimized, meaning we reserve the right to continue improving them in future updates. So although the models are identical as of this writing (optimization has zero sonic impact), they MAY not be 100% identical in the future
POD Go's latency is a tiny bit higher than HX Stomp and HX Effects but a tiny bit lower than Helix Floor/Rack/LT (since it has one DSP). Still way faster than many other products and gobs faster than desktop solutions


I'm waiting for mine now. How would you connect this with a GR55?