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Started by marko_m, October 25, 2019, 07:22:48 AM

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Over the past week, I've been messing around with reverse engineering Ampero's PRST file format (more out of curiosity and for my own education than any specific need) and, in the process, I've uncovered a couple of small errors in Ampero's "algorithm.xml" file.  I've reported these to Hotone and they said they would fix them but, as of 1.2.5 they are still present (not surprisingly since I only reported the first 2 - maybe a day before 1.2.5 was posted and the 3rd one just last night :-)) - so I thought I'd post them here in case others might want to change it themselves in the interim.

I don't think any of them have a "show stopping" effect on the editor but the parser I wrote validates certain types of logic (as it helps to figure out how things work) and these errors trip it up - which is why I fixed them on my end (that, plus the overwhelming OCD urge to fix something once you realize it's wrong :-)).

The path to the XML file in question is (on Windows machines - no clue where it is on a Mac as I don't have one):
%ProgramFiles%\Hotone\Ampero Editor\Resource\Ampero\File\algorithm.xml

Error #1:
Approx. line # (1.2.5 version): 3022
Module = "CAB"
Algorithm name = "Orchestal" and it should probably be "Orchestral" (to match the equivalent entry in description_en.xml file)

Error #2:
Approx. line # (1.2.5 version): 3551
Module = "FX3"
Algorithm = "Trem Jet"
Parameter ="Flg Sync" has ID="5"  (which is a duplicate of the previous parameter "Trm Rate").  This should probably be "6"!  (Error is only in the FX3 module - modules FX1 and FX2 have "Flg Sync" ID set to 6)

Error #3:
Approx. line # (1.2.5 version): 625
Module = "FX2"
Algorithm = "Force Drive"
Parameter = "Mode"
DefaultValue="50" - should be changed to "1" as this parameter is a combo-box with 2 items (so the only valid default values are 0 and 1). The same algorithm parameter in the FX1 module has a default value set to 1 - so, my guess is, this should be the same.

So, there you have it!  Usual disclaimers apply - do this at your own peril as it may make things worse not better (however, worst case scenario is that you will just have to re-install the editor which will bring everything back to "stock" :-)). It worked fine on my system - however, I can't say it necessarily "fixed" anything - as I never really noticed the effect of these as bugs in the editor (they were just tripping up my validating parser - which is how I came to discover them).  If you DO fix them - the fixes will only last until you install the next version of the editor (which, of course, will overwrite all the resource files) - so, hopefully, Hotone will incorporate them in the future versions.

For Windows users - as the location of the file is in a "special" (protected) folder (i.e. within "Program Files") Windows will complain about you trying to overwrite a file there so you will need to provide admin rights (you'll need to start your editor in the admin mode).  I provided approximate line numbers but, my guess is, it would probably be easier to just search for some of the key words (e.g. "Trem Jet" or "Orchestal").  For Mac users - I don't know where these files are (or whether they contain the same errors? most likely, yes!) - but I'm sure you can locate them using system search or 'ls' command with recursive option)...




thanks for your effort. Actually we have editor version 1.2.8 and no fix, so they won't repair it, I guess.
I did it myself, I have had no side effects so far.
Best regards


Editor 1.30 still has the same incorrect values and typos.
I fixed it like the OP showed and have not had issues with 3.8SP1 firmware