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Started by lyndasfarn, August 22, 2016, 03:57:10 PM

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Has anyone had any luck with Control Changes via Midi In, It will do Program Changes, but no Control Changes are working. They do not tell you how to assign any Midi CC#'s from the Remote App, the Pedal Assignments only appear after you connect the FBV footcontroller. Does it mean you have to have the FBV footcontroller to access any Pedal Assignments. I am confused


Firehawk 1500 responds to these MIDI CC# messages as detailed in the Owners manual:

To verify you are sending correct MIDI data,  Follow each step  in:

MIDI Controller Setup / Debug


Thanks for that information it was very helpful. I still have no clue how to assign midi CC#'s from the Firehawk Remote App, unless you have the FBV Footcontroller connected to the FH1500, the pedal assignment buttons do not appear in the App and I cannot remember seeing any assignment for Exp-1 & Exp-2 in the App. Can someone please explain the correct procedure to use all the Midi functions that are listed in Pilots Guide


QuoteI still have no clue how to assign midi CC#'s from the Firehawk Remote App,

You cant

The FireHawk 1500 amp responds to finite fixed specific MIDI CC# messages detailed in the spreadsheet below (as transmitted by the FBV3 Foot Controller or third party MIDI controller) connected to the Firehawk 1500 MIDI Input jack  - the user can not alter these Firehawk 1500 MIDI CC# assignments.

You would edit the transmitted MIDI message on your third party MIDI controller to match the specific Firehawk 1500 controllable FX parameters as detailed in the spreadsheet below


I have used my FBV MKII FOOTCONTROLLER via the USB into Iconnect MIDI4 to send midi out via 5 pin Din to FH1500 using the FX parameters as detailed in the spreadsheet, after confirming midi funtionality with MidiOX connected to MIDI IN on my amp with the same result, Program Change works OK but no Control Changes. Also can't see any way to assign EXP-1 & EXP-2 in Firehawk Remote Mobile Application , do I have to do any setup from the Firehawk Remote Mobile App.


FireHawk 1500 Amp MIDI
- Midi In/ Out/ Thru - connect midi devices to control Firehawk 1500
on Midi channel 1. See Midi implementation chart for details.

Firehawk 1500 requires incoming MIDI messages are receieved on MIDI channel 10 only

Verify your FBV Shortboard MKII is  transmitting MIDI CC# commands on MIDI Channel 10 only

The iConnectMIDI4 USB Host to MIDI adapter  might be clobbering or re-translating to a different MIDI channel

MIDI control debug procedure are listed here:

Ask on the official forum here

But more often real Line-6 employees (with answers)  hang out here instead:

(But many are on vacation this week)

and there is the Line-6 Support Ticket system


Thanks for your reply, all I can say is when I used my FBV FootPedal> USB through IconnectMidi4 I can do PROGRAM CHANGES to my FH1500 that means midi is transmitting on channel 1 via IconnectMidi4.
Am I right in assuming that if the PROGRAM CHANGE MESSAGES are working, any other midi message will be sent to the amp. Maybe I am sending the wrong Control Change messages, This is how I have configured my FBV FootPedal EDITOR

   stomp          midi cc                 051        1           1
pedal vol         midi cc                 001        1           1

Am I setting the right values in the FBV FootPedal EDITOR ????    Do I have to setup anything in my Firehawk Remote Mobile Application to reflect the Footpedal settings ?


   stomp          midi cc                 051        1           1

Firehawk 1500 needs MIDI Channel 10
Don't confuse MIDI Channel# with MIDI Port#,  MIDI Continuous Controller(CC)# , or the Value  (0-126) transmitted for a specific MIDI CC#
Learn about MIDI here:

The Firehawk 1500 amp was based upon the Firehawk FX

In regards to the Firehawk 1500 amp

, FS1,FS2,FS3,FS4, FS5 are  foot switch control locations in memory which the user can define for toggling FX on / off 
For example - based upon the Line-6 Firehawk 1500 MIDI CC Control Chart 

To turn the Firehawk 1500's  FS1 FX "On" , use an external MIDI Controller that transmits on  MIDI Channel 1, MIDI CC#51 , a Value of "127"  -( or any value between 65 and 127)

To turn the Firehawk 1500's  FS1 FX "Off" , use an external MIDI Controller that transmits on  MIDI Channel 1, MIDI CC#51 a Value of "1"  - or  any value between 0 and 64

MIDI control debug procedure for all gear


Thanks for you quick reply, that was very helpful. Are you saying that I should set in the FBV EDITOR ...Toggle1/up to 127 & Toggle2/down to 0
What would be to correct way to assign EXP-1 in the FBV EDITOR ? do I need to assign in FH1500 Remote App


I have got a Reply from LINE6 re: Assignment EXP-1 & EXP-2 in Firehawk Remote Mobile Application

LINE6....  We have confirmed this failure here as well after further diagnosis.  We have logged the bug and it will most likely be rolled into the next firmware update.  Thanks for your patience.

Thank You LINE6


Another reply from LINE6

"As of now Midi implantation is not working as expected.  You will not be able to control FS1-FS5 unless you have the FBV controller."

...Hopefully they can fix it


I have had several issues with the FireHawk 1500, I have been informed by Line6  Midi Control is not functioning correctly (needs Firmware Upgrade)
Now I am having an issue with Stereo Separation in Main Guitar Section, Monitor Section as well as Headphones. I have tried running Ping Pong Delay
through each of these sections and there is no bouncing from speaker to speaker as should happen with Ping Pong Delay. I am in the throws of trying
to find out if it is a Firmware issue or if my amplifier is faulty. I do love the idea of this amp It ticks all the boxes for me, hopefully Line6 will get all the
bugs ironed out soon. It is a bit of a dilemma trying to get Line6 to agree that their Firmware is at fault (and then have to wait for a Firmware Upgrade
to be released) or return the amp as faulty before the warranty expires


Be sure to open a support ticket with Line-6

From my experience, its somewhat a tradition for Line-6 to supply working firmware that manages to squash most bugs sometime around 18  months after new gear is released.  Its been that way for Variax, Vetta, XT Live, Tyler Variax, HD500x.

I expect similar for Firehawk 1500


Thanks for your comments Elantric, I think that is reasonable to expect to take some time to address any known issues with new gear.
All I ask is that Line6 acknowledges:
1. That a problem does exist.
2. Whether or not they intend to address that problem with a fix or a workaround.

So far I have had good support from the Service Team. I have taken a Ticket for this new issue and are waiting for a reply.
Can you tell me how the FireHawk 1500 stereo speaker setup is configured with the two individual inputs (Guitar & Monitor Inputs).
I  beleive it should be fully stereo through guitar input (on effects) , as well as monitor inputs (left & right) and Headphone jack.
Does the guitar use the 12" speaker + Horn (Radial speakers for stereo effects) and the monitor inputs use Radial speakers (in stereo) + 12" speaker


The Firehawk 1500 has an array of speakers unlike any other traditional stereo guitar amp
How they operate really depends on the firmware installed

suggest join the Firehawk 1500 user group

read the TGP threads with more Firehawk 1500 details here :



Firehawk 1500   Version 1.30.00
Released 5/1/17

Works with:

Firehawk 1500 Flash Memory 1.30 is a free update that includes new fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations.


1. Shut down all Line 6 software as well as any software that streams audio, including, but not limited to: iTunes, Spotify, DAWs, etc.

2. Back up any presets using the Firehawk Remote App before performing the update.

New Features
Block Bypass, Expression controllers, and Looper functions can now be triggered by incoming MIDI CCs (MIDI DIN only). Please see the following KB article for more information:
XLR output volume can now be adjusted from Live Edit Mode. This was implemented to avoid clipping the ADC prematurely. It is set to -15dB by default, to provide adequate headroom for mid to high gain tones.
To edit the XLR output volume:

1. Press the preset knob to enter Live Edit Mode.

2. Scroll left to "Etc:ReAmp/MIDI/Main" and press the preset knob.

3. Scroll right to "Etc:XLR Out"

4. Turn the Main (Big) Knob to set the value.

Bug Fixes
Various bug fixes and improvements
Compatible OS: Mac OS X, Windows 7, Mac OS Mountain Lion, Windows 8, Mac OS Mavericks, Mac OS Yosemite, iOS 8, Windows 10, Mac OS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra