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Cool. I'm still using my Kemper Stage and GR55 combo
I just want to say that the GR-55 model of the GR-300 always made me uncomfortable- it was too jumpy, scratchy, hot, and seemed to exaggerate every mistake. I found myself not using it much, which was disappointing. The SY-1000 version of the GR-300 is smooth and evokes my best playing instantly. It fades out just right. Delivers all the stuff you want in the squelch department without the freaking out at every touch. I realize I'm like 3 years late to this party, but just thought that info may help someone trying to decide.

Featuring an advanced multi-core processor with a huge library of on-board guitar FX, amp, cab and microphone emulations, smart amp/pedal cloning and IR loading, best-in-class looper, and a full suite of vocal FX (including the industry-standard Antares Auto-Tune), the HeadRush® Prime is the most powerful, versatile, and realistic-sounding floorboard FX processor ever. The high resolution and ultra-responsive 7-inch display enables you to touch, swipe, and drag-and-drop to instantly create and edit your rigs in an unprecedentedly easy-to-use way. Housed in a road-ready steel chassis, the Prime features 12 footswitches with individual RGB indicators and OLED scribble strip displays, built-in expression pedal with toe-switch, and is packed with all the input and output connections you need including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio connectivity. The HeadRush Prime is the ultimate tool ready for any home, rehearsal, stage, or studio session.
Multicore processor
Impulse responses: 300
AD/DA 24bit/ 96kHz
Footswitch: 12
Controls: Main, Phones, Aux, Drive, Tone, Level
Integrated expression pedal
Display: 7"
Input: 1x jack 6.3mm, 1x mic (XLR/jack combo) adjustable
Outputs: 2x jack, 2x XLR, Midi in/ out (5-pin DIN), FX Send/ Return, Ext Amp out, Expr., Toe, Hedphone, Aux, USB, mains connection
incl. power supply unit
Tutorials and Demos / Re: Learn Music Technology/Aud...
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I too came across this post recently, and I'm as well interested in any further info - bcguitars74 if You are getting further with the project I would like to catch up and possibly share experiences :)
Boss SY-1000 - Examples / Re: Shooting Star - SY1000 all...
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Quote from: whippinpost91850 on Today at 03:30:50 PMCool. Thanks. Curious why you parted ways with it was a tough decision but I thought I would go back to regular tones for a while and got an FM9. The FM9 is very good. The amp modeling is way superior to Boss. And so too the effects.

But. The SY1000 does stuff no other guitar processor can do. And Roland/Boss have stuck by the concept for 40+ years? Wow.

I think I've said it before. I'd like a Boss 'SY500'. Hex and 1/4 inch inputs. Improved sound engine. Improved editing app. No amp modeling required (unless they have another generation of AIRD on the drawing board).

I love Boss. I really do. I've created a lot of material with their products.
Cool. Thanks. Curious why you parted ways with it
Boss SY-1000 - Examples / Re: Shooting Star - SY1000 all...
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Thanks lefty brother.

There are some little left and right staccato string loops in that middle 8. However at 3.10 the "don't pass me by" part there's a little wobbly line comes in. That is the SY1000.
Very well done. What did the strings at around 3:10👏