Eruption Take 1 Sunset Sound Room 1A. Sony C-37A Room Mic + Sure SM-56 RAW. . .

Started by plexified, November 18, 2023, 07:04:40 PM

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Last week Sunset Sound Recorders Released the Live Room Track of Eruption, which I did like every good Van Halen Fan should do and loaded that into my DAW. I magically aquired another take of this recording from the SM-56 Tight Mic on Eds Cab. A 1960A.

The room pic of this session matches the work order. Peggy McCreary, Donn Landee's assistant engineer placed the Sony mic above Al's High Hats. Eddies Cabinet was in front of the drums facing the glass in front of it. The studio pic we have is looking from the side. Eds rig on the left, Als drums on the right against the back wall, Eds rig facing the front wall.

So this track is the two combined. I leveled the audio and panned the 56 10% left and the 37 10% right. This was what jumped out at me because we are used to Ed in our left ear and room in the right side. This has NO REVERB and is in my knowledge the closest room sound we can approximate at this point. You are literally inside Studio 1A. Ed on the left and Al on your right.

To be realistic, flip the headphones around and reverse it, because the long side of the room would sound like this where you are far enough away for it to be a literal time travel event.

Done with much Love and confirms for me the tone of my own Plexi as well as the ass kicking MS1959I AND MS195I+II in the GR-55.

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