Selling AT-200 with full Antares ATG software pack

Started by cags12, November 15, 2023, 03:36:41 AM

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Hi all, anyone interested in buying a Peavey AT-200 with full Antares software pack??

It can be used on its own or as a donor to transplant to other guitars.

Selling as I already have another AT-200 and a couple extra guitars with luthier kit. This one simply does not get use by I do love the system. 

Hit me a PM.


Hello, nice to meet you. Are you comfortable with the fretboard of your AT200? I owned 2 of them and frets were not levelled right, one after the XII and the other at the III. Buzzes and dead/double notes there. And did you swap the tuning keys or maintained the original ones?


Honestly I have not noticed issues with the frets. I only swapped for locking tuners one my second heavily modified AT-200. The one I'm selling remains stock + the software pack.


My #1 annoyance with AT-200 is the extremely thin neck profile, and very cheap piezo bridge which can yeild muted strings if the string break angle is too low, without adequate downward pressure on the piezo transducer.

Antares oversold the technology, so Peavey elected to integrate the Antares ATG electronics on their lowest cost/ lowest quality guitar.

Some folks think guitar setup and fret condition does not matter on DSP guitar systems , its actually extremely important to have a good guitar setup, and leveled/polished frets for best results


This one plays well enough tbh. I reckon the guts could be transplanted to another guitar like if it was a luthier kit. The big appeal I'd say is it has the full software pack.