Axon AX 50 USB Note Off Problem

Started by KuRi, October 03, 2023, 05:00:20 AM

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Hi! I was trying my old axon ax 50 and noticed that there are a lot of times when the note keeps playing forever and I am not playing anything. I have checked all params (sensitivity, limits, etc...) but I still think that the note should be stopped eventually when no playing...

Is this a limitation of this unit? That sometimes some notes off get lost? Anyone noticed this also?



Quote from: arkieboy-fgn on June 14, 2013, 10:59:41 AMHi Martin

Did it work properly at one time?  Using the same guitar that your GK pickup is now on

I found some of my guitars did not work as well as others ...

Also, you need to fiddle with several parameters in the global section at once to get a good setup. 

  • Trigger level sets the minimum picking intensity that will cause the axon to send a note on event - start with it set high and reduce it until you get unacceptable glitches and bump it back up a couple of notches
  • Note off level sets the point at which the axon ignores any further signal from the string and sends a note off event - again start at the max and reduce until long notes warble
  • Once these are set, then tune the string sensitivity so that the loudest notes you play send out a velocity of 127, but when you back off your picking intensity the velocity numbers get smaller[/b]

Also, if you have a high velocity offset of the patch, then any glitch notes will be at 127 too - and very audible!  I used to have a guitar setting that was quite 'safe' - i.e. I couldn't get it to glitch at all - for playing organ sounds because as an organ is not velocity sensitive, then any glitches will be easily audible, whereas something like strings with lots of expression is much easier to play and I would often use a more sensitive setup to take advantage of the expressivity.  Remember you can setup several sensitivity settings and select which one you use for a particular patch (guitar number).  I used to have three settings - one for piano sounds, one for organs and another for everything else.

Also check that if you're playing with a plectrum you don't have 'finger pick' set to on so that it can listen to the pick position.


Check your GK cable isn't faulty, if humm and noise are getting into the signal, you won't "hear it" as humm,
 but will manifest in stuck notes as the converter is still hearing a signal (the noise/interference) after you stop playing.

Typical fault with Roland GK cables is the ground wire (braided shield) eventually wears and breaks off.

I am sure the AX-50 is fine, if the GK cable is unplugged from the unit and the note stops, then the cable or guitar/GK pickup is the problem.
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After some more testing, the problem was the synth (raspberry pi with modep) not the ax-50. Now I am struggling to know why it stops working at all after some minutes when connected to PC using the usb, but that's another story.

Thanks for answering!!!