Looking for a VG-8 LCD display

Started by TrainWreck, September 03, 2023, 01:54:24 PM

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I realize this is a long shot but I figured I would ask. 

The display on my VG-8 has bit the dust.  It has gotten so dry that it cracked and most of the traces are broken.  Can't read anything really.  I have done a bunch of research on how to replace the heat seal connector but am getting nowhere.   Why Optrex chose to use this type of connector on the X axis instead of a zebra connector, like on the Y axis, is beyond me.  These displays would last forever if they had done that. 

I realize I could look for a complete VG-8 to replace this one but I have done so much work to restore this one and get it updated that I would really like to get it going again.  Such a shame to render the whole thing useless just because of a 1" paper connector.

If anyone has a dead VG-8 with a good display or a spare display they would be willing to sell, please send me a message.  Thanks


The original LCD part number
is within the VG-8EX Service Manual

the VG-8 / VG-8EX  LCD is Display is:

Roland P/N  00568989 =

The OPTREX DMF-50374NYU-LY is a 160x64 Full Dot Matrix LCD Display Module

VG8 Screen fix ?


Thanks for the reply, Elantric.

I've read, re-read and re-re-read that thread ad-nauseam, lots of great info.  It seems like anything short of a Delorean and a trip back to 2015-2018 leaves basically no repair/replacement options in 2023 unless I'm missing something.

Still holding out hope that I'll track one down at some point.   


There were a few available in 2020

But check here once a month



Thanks for the heads up. 

I'll keep an eye out.


Just to give hope : In Italy last year I was able to have the PCB of a GK2A from a Roland Foresta Shop (usually very high ranked resellers very close to Roland Europe) and 3 years before I was able to get a GK2A holder! So do not lose hope. Roland themselves have in store somewhere a lot of out of production stuff!  8) 
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