Maxed Out Katana / GA-FC Ports, Need One More

Started by kx250ryder, June 26, 2023, 04:00:20 PM

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I have a problem that it seems I will need to implement MIDI to sort out. Almost every search for MIDI and Boss Katanas directly or indirectly leads to threads here. But my problem appears to be a bit unique. So I'm hoping this will be the place to find a solution.

I built a pedalboard for my daughter's Boss Katana Artist MKii that used up all the available ports on the amp and foot controller.

The goal with the extra switches and pedals was to reduce/eliminate long presses between functions to make the whole thing more intuitive for her to use.

Problem: I need one more toggle to shut off Pedal FX and the FX Loop when not in use. But I have maxed out all the ports with the above.

The solution to my lack of ports seems to be MIDI. The Katana Artist has DIN MIDI in. However, I know nothing of this standard. I'd prefer using the DIN MIDI for this task so I can keep the USB port free for the PC that is always connected to the amplifier.

I Googled and found a device called a MIDX-20 that would allow me to send MIDI commands from an FS-7 footswitch to the Katana. But they appear to be sold out everywhere.

All other devices I could find that perform this footswitch to MIDI function seem to have at least four built in switches, that would add too much complexity and would take up too much space.

Does anyone else make anything that would allow me to simpy toggle these two functions with an FS-7?

Failing that, I've seen people solder their own pedals with Arduino boards, and I could probably go that route as a last resort, but I don't know if I could figure out the code. Does anyone have a link to a similar project where deeper menu choices like Pedal FX are being toggled by MIDI?


Review this thread - since you have the Katana Artist MKII with a functional MIDI INPUT , any modern MIDI FOOT Controller may transmit to the seven available MIDI CC# Control assignments

Possible MIDI Footcontrollers are here


I think that if you look at the GA-FC-EX you will have the one more Switch jack that you need.



Quote from: Rockeiro on November 03, 2023, 12:30:45 AMI think that if you look at the GA-FC-EX you will have the one more Switch jack that you need.

The GA-FC EX was the bottom pedal on that board photo above.

I contacted Boss support back in July and was able to get it to work. It was a software issue. I had up to date drivers, but not up to date Tone Studio software. The newest Tone Studio update added the necessary footswitch control I needed to add a third footswitch and map the Pedal FX and FX Loop toggles:

However, two things happened. I added a Katana Bass 210 to the collection. Setting that up I found that Boss does not allow Pedal FX footwsitch control for that amp (confirmed with their support people). I also did a bill of materials on the pedalboard to build another for the bass. Discrete pedals controlling maximum Katana functions was more expensive than buying a used GT-1000.

So I sold most of the pedals and built two GT-1000 setups, one for guitar and one for bass:


Just got to ask... what's with the Altoids can on each pedal board?


Quote from: Rockeiro on November 11, 2023, 09:22:26 AMJust got to ask... what's with the Altoids can on each pedal board?

It's a silly internet meme I latched onto. They make use of not quite pedal sized empty space on a board. In our case they hold guitar/bass picks. Others keep batteries or tools like hex keys for a Floyd Rose inside.

Since both boards are identical, they also serve as identifiers:

- Green for guitar
- Blue for bass


....Sharing a mic for backup vocals requires fresh breath?