Boss RC-5 can't do multifunction via MIDI?????

Started by Digital Larry, April 09, 2023, 07:47:44 PM

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Digital Larry

I've been able to use the FC-7 into the jack on the side to get REC/PLAY/OVERDUB. And of course the footpedal does this.  But AFAICT MIDI commands don't include this.  You get play stop/start and a ton of other things but not the one thing that would let you do everything over MIDI.  Anyone have a workaround for this?  I can still plug my FC-7 into the looper but then it's OVER THERE, rather than OVER HERE with the rest of everything.



Digital Larry

OK I found some discussions on Reddit and apparently this is a known issue.  Boss doesn't seem to have a lot of motivation to fix it, even though it's clearly a SMOP (simple matter of programming).  I was able to work around it by using one of the relays in the TC G-Major 2 which is part of the same setup.  Now using this with a Nektar Pacer and an ancient MIDI Buddy.  MIDI-OX in the PC handles routing and filtering (such as it is, it works without filtering).


It looks like the same question I have asked Boss here in NL. I use an MValve Chocolate and would like to have:
1 button to play a loop (got that)
1 button to start/stop the rhythm (got that)
and ....
1 button to start/stop overdub while playing the loop
(just to add a small part).

That last button appears not possible.
In fact, I think it is not possible to send a midi command that could set the RC-5 in overdub mode while playing the loop.
Have you found out how to get this working?

Digital Larry

I used a relay output of my TC G-Major 2 to the footswitch input of the RC-5.  Then I controlled it using the Nektar Pacer.  It actually worked pretty well.  Now I'm simplifying my setup so probably getting rid of the RC-5, but I do think it's a fine looper.