Looking to Hire and SY-1000 expert $100/hr

Started by Ruqsaq, March 15, 2023, 01:58:43 PM

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Hey everyone! I'm new here, new to SY-1000 and guitar synth in general. I'm looking for someone with SY expertise that I can hire to help me create custom patches based on EDM songs I'm wanting to perform.

Here is an example:

The song starts out with:
1 - a drone tone
2- a pluck tone
At the :50 mark 2 new tones show up
3 - a background "wave" sound
4 - an acordian type sound.

I'd like to hire someone to recreate these 4 sounds for me, and by seeing what they did learn how to create them for myself going forward. I figure it would be worth it to pay $100 / hr for their time than beat my head against the wall for days with trial and error.

The tones don't have to be 100% exact, just close enough to give me an idea of how its made.

I'm playing an Godin nylon with 13 pin output.


I should ask: I take it you're wanting to use these for recording purposes?  Tracking one sound at a time?  Or are you hoping to do a live performance? 

Thinking out loud: While it seems very possible to me to be able to create the sounds, the real challenge is to try and do all 4 sounds at once for doing the song live - you'd almost need two SY-1000s with a splitter. 

Or, possible having certain sounds on certain strings on one SY.
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Correct, I'd like to be able to perform songs like this live, with a looper.

The drums, vocals, looping etc am able to do.

But I am totally lost as to how to create these sounds with the SY. I'd love to find an SY expert that I can pay to design them for me so I can see how its done, and start to learn for myself.


all these patches are pretty easy to create
so in a song you would have 4 different patches / preset
1 - a drone tone
2- a pluck tone
3 - a background "wave" sound
4 - an acordian type sound

with a looper
patch 1
loop it

switch to patch 2
loop it

etc. etc.

i have been working this way for 15+ years 

if you are still looking for assistance i am sure i can help
feel free to private message me