Using GT 8 processor in manual mode

Started by Ian B, March 10, 2023, 12:46:03 PM

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Ian B

Forgive me if this is simplistic. I can best illustrate my question with this example below:-

When I call up a patch, say that has no delay assigned to it and then switch to manual mode, is it possible to ensure I call up my desired delay parameters every time I wish? I have tried writing my choice whilst in manual mode but that just seems to write to the original patch, which is not what I was wanting. I wanted no delay on the original patch but the ability to add manually and to be sure that my choice of delay (or whatever effect I want) is called up. Is there a way of doing this I am missing?

Many thanks!


The GT-8 in Manual Mode is only using the current selected patch, and is changing the operation mode of the pedals to switch the effect on/off.
This is not the same as stompbox mode like in the GT-1000, where the pedals work like independant stompboxes with the states globally saved.
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