SY-1000 Quad Cortex connentions

Started by metallum, January 29, 2023, 01:37:20 PM

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Just sold Kemper, and bought quad cortex instead I want to use it with sy-1000 . I have pickup GK3 installed on bass.
Routing is... GK3 pickup to SY1000, jack from guitar to QC. Audio from SY1000 to return1/2 block in QC. I put this block depending if I want use QC power for sound design or just strictly with no processing. Since sy1000 has its own output from guitar I don't need to use sends from QC.
Is it good way to connect this two units?
Give me some feedback with it... Thank You.


Sounds like a good way to connect them,
 I try not to have too many analog/digital & digital/analog conversions in the signal path as possible.
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I'm considering selling my Kemper for a Quad Cortex also. In my case I'm considering running GK3B through billbax separate strings and sending the four strings to the quad separately for processing.

Anyone tried this? Any thoughts on how good this may be?

(I also have an SY-1000 and a VB-99. The SY-1000 doesn't get much use currently, I prefer the VB.)