Problem with Boss GT5 and Realtime mode

Started by Smeed, January 25, 2023, 05:51:50 PM

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I'm having an issue with my Boss GT5 and Floorboard interface. I just newly setup the system with the FxFloorBoard. The issue is with Realtime mode where the GT5 only responds to a few of the pedals when I turn them on and off or make changes. I can turn the compressor pedal off and on and change it to limiter and also make changes to the volume etc. and hear it dynamically when I play. I can also change the Wah pedal in real time and hear it dynamically.  But when I turn on or off or make changes to the other pedals, there is no effect on the sound. I am Not in "Bulk Midi Receive mode" on the GT5 when I attempt this. I'm using the Roland UM-One usb Midi device and can see the "out" LED blink when I make the changes in the software but no results to the sound.  When changing to bulk mode, things seem to be fine; I can download patches etc. to the GT5. I have also upgraded the GT5 to the latest ROM 1.07 version and performed a system restore. My operating system is Windows 10 Pro.
If anyone has experienced this issue, or has some incite on how to resolve the issue, I would greatly appreciate it. I really like the graphics on the FloorBoard interface, it's a cool interface. 


I have had a look at the code, and it seems OK,
but have updated with a new build just now, so if it still doesn't work, it looks nicer.  :P
I no longer have a GT-5 so I can't test things physically, but the data seems correct. (to the best of my knowledge)
The code seems to have been updated in 2020 but never released, so something might have been previously fixed.

download the latest Windows version here
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Hi Gumtown,

I uninstalled the old FxFloorBoard SW and installed the new version you uploaded, but unfortunately I get the same results. Do you think there could be any chance that the problem lies with the ROM chip I installed?  Thank you for taking the time to update and upload the software and respond to my issue. I appreciate it!


If the ROM chip is version 1.07 and from an eBay seller, then it should be OK.

When I had a GT-5, I updated the ROM to 1.07 and built the editor around that.

Although, as the GT-5 was made way back in the early days of 1995 (28 years ago ?),
 the GT-5 tends to be a bit fickle in running correctly and seemingly random communication results.
The effect on/off switching is very bad, as Boss had decided then to use a common byte,
 and switch bits within that byte for the effect switching, and also another byte/bits for the led switch status,
which sometimes caused other effects to randomly switch on or off or display the status incorrectly.
They have changed that since, and further models used a complete byte for on/off status.

I can't offer much more than that. Cheers  8)
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