Sy1000 detune

Started by solo624, December 20, 2022, 08:16:59 PM

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Hello I'm familiar with the gr55 with alt. Tuning drop d or b and tune up 1/2 step. Not sure if anyone has made a patch on the sy1000 similar ? Can you import gr55 patches?

Kevin M

Alt tunings are absolutely possible with the SY1000. You cannot import gr55 patches; these are two entirely different units.


As you may tell im new to the stly1000. Thanks for the response. In boss editor I'm not able to enable alt tune ? I'm not familiar with the editor atm. I'm familiar with gumtowns floorboard sw but it seems it's not working?. Where can you find patches to modify?

Kevin M


I figured it out , gotta admit they didnt make it easy


Quote from: solo624 on January 06, 2023, 10:53:33 PMgotta admit they didnt make it easy

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Are you trying to do a drop-D patch or similar? Clean guitar or dirty?
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Bass player here , I didnt go search through guitar to do this . I was looking to understand the process or steps, I eventually figured how to drop tune or up tune but its not entirely clear. I see theres per instrument and alt tunings etc. Its problebly me new to this model .