Buckethead Summer Tour 2019 Now Underway : Touring 45+ Shows

Started by plexified, March 05, 2019, 08:16:48 AM

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            2019 Summer Tour in Full Swing!

          Texas into Alabama into Florida. Then up the east coast in every state into Maine and around to Ohio, WI, IL etc. etc. Tour date link below!

          With over 350 Recordings, multiple styles and genres of music on tap, this should be a fun show. Reports coming in are very enthusicastic. At the moment Buckethead is one of the  most popular Guitar players in the world.

          Online metrics have been rising and his social media sharing has been impressive. The younger generations keep gravitating to him more and more. I've never seen anything like it, and I love his work personally. It literally has taken me years to dive into his extensive catalog and I'm constantly being surprised with the level of emotion, talent and variety.



Some driving tunes for on the way....


Sometimes I find that the amount of categories Buckethead covers gets hard to track or even find. Luckily a dude actually put together a project where he and others categorized the 400+ bodies of work into a active "suggester" that helps you find a category and check it out.

Buckethead calls these pieces of work "Pikes". Meaning peak or summit, weaponized object or just a recording at the peak inspiration. Hence " Pike Suggester ".

It starts on the homepage with categories on top and listing the "pikes' from #1 on. Each album cover is clickable so you go right to that album sample if you wish. Each pop up box has other options as well as purchasing options. I'll list the Buckethead Pike homepage at the bottom also for updates on tourdates and new material and collaborations.

You can easily find a title and explore on you tube. Afterwards if you like some they are available on his site in a few formats that are very inexpesive. At times entire catalogs are offered at great prices as well. I actually gave the collection as a gift this past Christmas. My buddy estimates it will take him at least five years to listen through it all once. Pretty cool.

After that I llsted a Buckethead Reddit, where its all things Buckethead including reports from the shows, like footage and setlists. After that I added the Buckethead Pike homepage. It has updated tourdates, new material and collaborations and additional bonus work available.

Any way here is the site in case anyone is interested. He really does go through, Ambient, Mellow, Acoustic, Experimental, Heavy, Bluegrass, Funk, and a lot of 'yet to be classified' material. Enjoy...





Every time I see a picture of Buckethead I hear Bootsie Collins'  voice , " Bucketheeeead". Brilliant musician. Refuses to be categorized. Please can we have many more such?