SY-300- Three Keith Emerson Inspired Patches

Started by ninnghizidda, August 11, 2018, 01:05:26 PM

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It's been a while since signing up, I think this is my first post? Anyway, I made these by adapting the Minimoog Patch Book settings for these to the SY-300, and then tweaking them by comparing them to a YouTube video of somebody playing the patches on a real Minimoog and to the actual ELP songs they were used in. These are some of my favourite homemade patches, but if anybody has suggestions on improving them, please let me know! Every time I use the SY-300 I learn something new.


I'm looking forward to giving these patches a try.  Thanks for sharing.
Do you have any examples (MP3's) you can share also?


Recording a demo made me think about making them better, so I actually modified 2 of them. The "Aquatarkus" patch now allows you to turn off Osc. 2 and 3 with CTL 1. The levels might need a bit of tweaking still, but it's pretty close. I wasn't super happy with the bass one before, so I modified it a bit as well. I think the new one is much closer to the real thing.

The "Aquatarkus" cover section is both the "Fat Emerson" bass, modeled after the patch book's "Fat Bass" from Brain Salad Surgery, and the "Aquatarkus" patch. The quick little thing at the end is the "Trilogy" patch.


I'm not familiar enough with the track to comment on how true it is to the original, but it sounds great.
Thanks again!


Thanks for sharing those patches. The Emerson bass has terrific character. The Aquatarkus lead knocked me out to hear that classic sound coming from my guitar.  ;D Dialed down the lower voice a bit.