GR-55 - Hurdy Gurdy sound.. anyone?

Started by Overture, November 19, 2014, 03:46:40 PM

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does anyone remotely can possibly have something like Hurdy Gurdy sound?

For who doesn't know what instrument is here's a demo:


Very interesting instrument.
THX for the demo, Overture.

Need some time to think about if this sound is possible with the GR55.

P.S. I must admit that I first thought of Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man Song in 1968...

Edit: ( many folks consider this the first track by Led Zeppelin - since Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are playing on the Donovan Hit

BTW don't forget to watch his greatest song: Atlantis!
One of my favourites ever... ;)

And dont forget The Jeff Beck Group with Donovan too


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try modifying a violin sound by adding a waveform with some spit to the beginning ... if you used something like a harpsichord sound, back off the attack a tad, set a fast decay together with zero sustain and release and then layer that on a regular violin sound then you might start to get close.  Tune the bottom three strings to E, B, E using the pitch transpose for the drone - you might be able to use the hold control to keep them going if I remember how roland hold pedals work - if you set a very slow lfo->pitch mod with a decent delay time, you might be able to get the drones to waver in pitch like they were being bowed by the wheel of the hurdy-gurdy

I tried to get a hurdy-gurdy sound from my Axon/EMu using a pretty expensive sample set: I could only get it to sound like bagpipes (which worked fine on the record as it happens!) so good luck!!


(edited to reverse Safari's autocorrect.  Hurry goody indeed!!)
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Our band has been presented with a new song to learn which uses this instrument, so I'm working up a patch for it.
Cello mixed with Bagpipes or Shanai is a good starting point for this sound.
You may need to play 'pedal' notes to achieve the drone effect optimally.