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GR-55 Audio Player Footswitch with extension & big shoe friendly
« on: February 10, 2016, 03:54:07 PM »
GR-55 Audio Player Footswitch with extension & big shoe friendly.

Inspired by tekrytor post DIY GR-55 Audio Player Footswitch - Quick, Cheap and Easy, ]]  which is cleverly effective, I bring here an alternative idea, maybe not so minute quick or easy to do, but it fixes some inconvenients for me. I wanted this:

- The key fact that let this thing make the work, is in the center contact portion of the canister top , which is flexible and elastic, allowing to activate the audio player switch GR-55 with minimal force and without danger of breaking.
- No holes need and no paint finish damage while keeping on use of double-stick tape like tekrytor did.
- Unobstructed access even when using big shoe, accurate and without collision with CTL switch
- Traslucid plastic lets the red led be visible when audio player is active
I know GR-55 big screen displays icon and AP menu, but in the dark maybe you have to guess where is the switch, mainly if is covered with a black strip. Aside I want to see my cool rojito led on.
- Two heights versions: low profile basic and height extension (optional)
- relatively easy to find materials and quick to do.
-  how it looks? ...well... at least whoever VERY unfamiliar with GR-55 maybe not notice the mutant switch at first sight.

As the idea arises.
As everyone photography enthusiast for years and starting in the non-digital era, I did use many rolls of photographic film. Going through the vintage dusted atmo in my attic, ran into my Canon AE-1 and Nikon FE2, nostalgia , ok. Beside the cams I found a cardboard box filled of canisters containing film negatives revealed...more nostalgia and......  then I noted the translucent plastic 35mm film canisters, among other black and gray, the idea of a foot switch for my GR-55 Audio Player came, in order to avoids constantly having to bend down, to enable or disable it by hand, or devote precious CTL, S1/S2 or Exp/pedal to.

Required basic materials:

- One white transluced/transparent 35mm Film Canister. For basic switch you will need the canister top only. For optional extension tube a complete canister is required. - PICS 1, 10 -
- a 2.8 inch x 7.8 mm x 0.4 mm strip of black flexible foam - those ranged from mouse pads, homework school foam , sponge rubber, etc. - PICS 2, 3 -
- Double Sided Foam Adhesive Tape. DST hereinafter.
- Cyanoacrylate SuperGlue.
- Box/Paper Cutter tool.

Note: if not at hand, film 35mm white transparent or translucent canisters can be ordered from divers supplier.

Let's do it!

I think the images speak for themselves to get the idea first then the job done, however some comments worth. 

- Don't forget to generously apply the super glue to the foam strip before putting it into the canister lid groove, as it tend to come loose and slide from the slot when the footswitch is removed from the GR-55. Apply the glue only in both sides of foam strip, not in foam top side in contact with inner lid surface, because it will look bad under the translucent plastic when it dries.  - PICS 4, 4A -
- I use a cheap DST instead high quality one since the adherence of the latter, as manufactured by Scotch for example, is very strong, making it difficult to remove the button, good if you want to be very safe in exterior gigs playing, but I dont know if eventually it can leave any prints in the finish surface. Your decision up. - PIC 5 -
-Also, as displayed in the image, I only use two of the four rectangular pieces of DST , leaving the other two covered as replace and helping to keep firm and balanced the button on the surface of the GR-55. - PIC 8 -
- Basic version low profile button is aprox. 0.5 inch height including double sided tape. Good for small shoes or barefoot - PICS 9, 6, 6B -
- My extension version measure 0.9 inch height, almost twice higher than CTL foot switch, but a little lower than the EXP pedal, which reduces the risk of accidental pressing. You are free to use razonable height for your 'ext tube'. - PICS 10, 10B, 10C, 11 -
- NOTE: if you want apply a drop of SuperGlue to each of the fours pieces of DST for additional adhesion to the foam strip. I find out the DST alone sometimes did not hold to lid when removing the Footswitch from GR-55. - PIC 7 -

Some thoughts about the thing.
-- It does feel smooth but precise when you press the footswitch.
- I have noticed the plastic material used in canisters seem very hardly, at least on which I have here. I can not assure eternity, and even less under the weight of a nazi black boot, but I've been using near of 15 days before publishing this post, and remains firm and intact, under reasonable use. - PIC BOOT -
- As aesthetic appeal, I covered the extension with black tape. Your free choice.  - PIC 12, 13 -
- I made several (3) as replacement

I hope this rough home solution be useful for those who want to watch their backs while enjoying the audio player of the GR-55. Critics and observations welcome. Thanks for your comments or tips for improving.


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