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This is a quick demo of my Guitar effects pedal project that I call the Chipstomp in honour of the ChipKit and Stompshield that form the heart of the circuit.

It's a basic digital audio effects processor aimed at being a guitar stomp box. It has 4 working effects at present; Tremolo, Flanger, Delay(Echo) and Bitcrush. All the effects can be run at the same time giving some quite interesting sounds.

The processor is a Microchip PIC32MX150 with 32Kb RAM and 128Kb Flash. The project is Arduino compatible and written in C++

Loads more info on my blog

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Offline Elantric

This is a more extensive demo of my drum-machine showing off some of the new features such as SD card loading/saving, Tuning mode as well as a new menu interface.
Loading and saving is to the SD card to 16 different song files and saves as JSON format text files.
Also shown is the new Tuning mode that allows you to set the volume and adjust the playback rate of each instrument as well as a couple of other nice features such as Reverb and Jam mode again from my previous demo.

You can find out more at my blog

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interesting, thanks for posting this.

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Re: ChipStomp Guitar FX (Arduino compaitible + ChipKit + Stompshield shield)
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