GR-55 - Creating Jeff Beck's HammerHead sound

Started by CrispyFunk, February 26, 2012, 08:41:21 AM

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Hello i have been watching a Eric Clapton crossroads dvd the one from 2010, Jeff beck plays two songs on the DVD and im trying to get the Synth sound his keyboard player uses  when he does the  slow solo  from the first song he plays in the show

I am no pro at this but this is what i have been doing im using the ctrl switch to turn on and off my synth one and two sound and at the same time it toggles a Chorus  pedal. (ctrl on)has the synth and my guitar with no chorus (ctrl off)has no synth sounds with lots of chorus  i also have the (EXP off)controls the volume of the two synth sounds  so i can turn off the chorus and turn down the volume of the synth and have only my guitar pickups.

my question to anyone that may know what Jeff beck song im talking about  is during the synth  part of the song when Jeff is playing the solo and the key board player is for the most part playing the same notes as Jeff but with a synth. what synth effect on the GR55 would sound most like the synth that the keyboard player is using?

i was using the( other 30-03 patch) i thought it kinda sounded close but something is not right about it

if i can figure out how to post a patch  ill try to share it so anyone can hear what im talking about, and sry im not sure of the name of the song  i only know it as the first song he plays  at the 2010 crossroads dvd  hes is about mid way in on the second half of the show


Perhaps you mean this song?  "HammerHead"

studio version


Yes ,thats the song that has me stumped . thank you very much for the link.


I Just noticed this old thread. I played Hammerhead with my GR-55 at a live concert in 2013, but I put the big string section on the CTL switch. It turned out pretty well. -

The patch I created for this is in the library.

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