RIP David Crosby

Started by Paresh, January 20, 2023, 10:36:22 AM

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He wasn't an advanced guitarist but I loved some of his songs from the very early album - if I could only remember my name. They were fresh and haunting, a nice relief from the usual three-chord progressions. Guinevere is another one. FYI I posted a patch of his e minor tuning for vg99. It's a different voicing than the standard tuning open position e minor. I think the patch title is just "e minor" and it's probably somewhere in the archives of VG 99 patches.


We're obviously a guitar-based forum, and someone like Jeff Beck will gather more comments, but Crosby was sublime and arguably birthed psychedelic rock.  The demand for new sounds that new genre created, and the experimentation from the likes of Hendrix and Beck propelled the technological march that ultimately lead to vguitar.  Oh, and he happened to discover Joni Mitchell along the way ...

In their absence, someone else would have kicked the ball forwards, but they are amongst the people we have to thank for where we are.

If you haven't caught this, it's worthy of a listen.  Crosby (and Nash) appear at 5:48.  Shivers.

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Sad news. This 2023 is starting with great guitar players loss.
They left behind hundreds of very good song and music. I knew CSNY from 4 Way Street one of my fav albums still today.
Music is going bad but at least we have what was left by great artists like him.
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For young people that dont have lived the west coast music era and dont know the greatness of David Crosby, please listen "if I could only remember my name" album.
I think that everybody that loves music have to remeber his name.
Shin on David !