Boss GT-100: Assign a "Home Patch"

Started by Arie Franken, January 16, 2023, 03:13:42 AM

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Arie Franken

When using my Boss Gt-1000, I have a so called Home Patch which is patch 1-01. When using other patches I sometimes have the need to go back very quick to my Home Patch 1-01. What I did is make a copy of the Home patch 1-01 and put it after the patch I used. For example I use patch 30-3 and have to go back tot 1-01. By making a copy of 1-01 and programm it on patch 30-4 I can change very quickly. It workes, but it could be easyer if I could programm my Boss FS7 (dual footswitch) to only patch 1-01. But I think that this is not possible. Mabey opther suggestions?   


Are you asking for a GT100 or GT1000? Independently of ...

Unfortunatelly there is no simple way to switch back to a default patch and return to the last selected patch.

Talking about GT1000 there might be a dirty trick to jump to the default patch, but you can´t return. Connect the MIDI-Out to the MIDI-In and try to assign a PC# to a certain CTL-Pedal.

What you actually need ist a MIDI-foot-controller that is synchronized with PC#/CC#Counter (Bank) of the GT1000. If you can program an arduino ... maybe you can DIY.

Have a look at the link, maybe this helps ... somebody built a midi fav switch