Help with understanding Katana Software versions?

Started by 95jersey, January 13, 2023, 05:56:49 AM

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So I have the Katana Head MKII (not the new artist version).  I see that they have released a new Katana and the software looks very different.  I know there are some new features and it appears that this software version is available for the MKII.  I looked up my current software version and it says 4.0.0.  However on the boss website it shows the newer version as 2.0 and then 2.01, and 2.10?  What am I missing?

Also, the solo function (which I am not sure I need) seems to be part of the software, but my head does not have the physical button?  I think this is simply to add more delay/volume to a current patch for live solo's without having to change the entire patch (like a foot pedal)?  It also looks like there are some effects and EQ that have been added and custom settings for power and contour.

So if my current software is 4.0.0, how and can I upgrade to 2.0?  Do I want to?  I am pretty happy with my Katana the way it is, but of course I like to tinker and play with things to get different sounds.

Has anyone with an MKII done this upgrade?  Please advise.


Sounds like your Katana is actually the Mk1 model.
There was a time when the Mk1 was advertised with "version 2" firmware, which might be why you think is a Mk2.
The Mk2 model has Mk2 written by the input jack, has the dual stacked concentric knobs, and the katana symbol has the double V sargent type stripes underneath.
The Mk1 Katana firmware went to version 4.0 before Boss introduced the Mk2 hardware Katana which recently updated to firmware version 2.0, with the new line of Katana models just announced, the software editor has been updated to version 2.1
Your Mk1 Katana will not run the Mk2 editor software, nor install any Mk2 firmware updates.
If you want to try Mk2 patches on your Mk1, try the Katana FxFloorBoard editor.
Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from


Best method to determine if you have  a MK2 Katana

1 do you have the MK2 dual concentric stacked  FX Knobs?

2 do you have the "Dual Boomerang" front logo on front of amp?


Great feedback!  So it looks like it is the MK1.  Damn...

Few more questions... 

1) If I went and bought the new version, would be I be able to transfer my existing patches over to the new software? 
2) Besides the knobs and different software version, what are the differences between MK1 and MK2? 
3) Is it worth selling my existing 100 watt heat and upgrading to the new model?  I mean we are only talking a few hundred bucks, so money is not the issue, but I'd hate to lose my patches and have to start from scratch.