SY-1000 - Mini Moog Sy Borg Zappa

Started by Nobulusprime, October 16, 2021, 02:04:56 PM

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One of my favourite synths sounds and solos is Peter Wolf's minimoog (model D) solo on Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage track Sy Borg. Ok so lyrically it's an interesting story, if you listen to the original - it is Mr Zappa love him (I do!) or dislike him....

So I had a go recreating something of that flavour on the SY1000. Again everything is done on the SY1000 excluding the drums.

I started off trying to recreate the solo but the phrasing is so unique on this solo and so dependent on the backing (drums and bass) and the electric piano that it would have taken me a long time to recreate, as it is so loose and cool!

So I recreated a backing that was quite loose to 'try' to emulate to Vinnie Coliauta, drums played straight in on the keyboard no loops. The bass is on the SY1000 in guitar mode (Jazz bass through an amp) and the 'electric piano' is the stock Electric Piano SY1000 patch that uses 3 x Poly FX... I need to create some electric piano sounds, my first attempts were terrible!

The synth solo uses 2 dynamic synths (sawtooth) and one OSC with a bit of portamento, I've tried to recreate the crazy phasing sound on the original which was originally square wave LFO assigned to the modulation wheel but the LFO on the SY1000 is not quite as flexible as it is on the Model D but it's quite close. There's a flanger and some delay as per the original


Oh geez, this is great!  I listened to Joe's Garage endlessly when I first got into Zappa - big influence.  Terriific!
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"Hey!.... What have I been missing all these years?". Great patch.
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