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Started by admin, March 05, 2021, 10:17:38 AM

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lifeisfortytwo wrote>

I ran across qlcplus while looking for a way to improve our band lighting. We have used our light trees with audio input only so far. I was interested in adding more control to our lights without needing a light person at every gig. QLC+ is the software I used for footswitch controlled lights, an old ART midi footswitch from the 90s, and a Yarilo DMX USB to DMX device. Below are links to gear used. Support my reverb shop with some used gear purchases!

dmx light

usb to dmx converter


I have used QLC+ to run theater lights for stage plays for at least 5 years. I haven't incorporated MIDI into my setup for QLC+, though I certainly have enough MIDI gear. I've been using it for light, sound and video.

I use the Enttec Open DMX SUB adapter.
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