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Started by admin, June 27, 2019, 10:29:53 AM

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You're right. I'd like to be able to drive it totally by MIDI, so that I could bring the device up from the floor and keep it where I can see it.


Quote from: mooncaine on April 22, 2021, 09:19:52 AM
You're right. I'd like to be able to drive it totally by MIDI, so that I could bring the device up from the floor and keep it where I can see it.

Maybe it's Covid, but it's annoying MIDI  implementation has taken a back seat.

And a Beat Buddy purchase remains their focus as mandatory item to get the most from Aeros

I ended up getting Headrush Looperboard during a Guitar Center end of quarter blow out for $399 and that actually has benefitted from Firmware updates and remains a very capable unit.-does everything today I had initially hoped Aeros would do a year ago.


Quote from: admin on December 29, 2021, 02:24:27 PM

Wow 3 yrs later and they're finally getting normal stuff added that most good loopers have at launch... I may have to try it again if they finally get it all done by next year lol!


Hi there fellow Aerosnaughts!

EDIT (April 11, 2022): Aeros Looper  Version 4.2.4 has been posted in the link below. This has been thoroughly tested and is stable. It took us longer than expected to fix some difficult bugs, but we've been making lots of progress on the next few features, so we should have new beta version (4.3.0) out soon. Once version 4.2.4 has been confirmed by the community to be stable it will be uploaded for download over WIFI.

In this version you will find the new features for Language settings, Fade In/Out, Reverse and other cool changes!

We'd love some feedback from our international users about the translations and if they look ok and make sense!

Fade In/Out

To fade in the master volume when starting a song from stopped, turn on Fade In in the songs settings menu.

To fade out the master volume when stopping a song, turn on Fade Out in the songs settings menu, this will follow the Stop settings if not immediate (End of Measure/End of Loop).

Tracks use the current mute logic to allow for new behaviors: Fade out to mute and Unmute to fade in. This will always follow the mute behavior (End of measure/End of loop) which is set in the Device Settings menu.

The track will fade out and then mute if currently unmuted and the Action Button is double tapped or a mute MIDI command is received
The track will unmute and fade in if currently muted and the Action Button is tapped or an unmute MIDI command is received
You can watch how pretty this is in the mixer screen! The Aeros has some animation going on at the track level while the fade in/out process is happening!
If you change the master or track volumes while a fade is occurring, the Stop/Mute will still take effect but the volume will stay at the level where it was disturbed.

If cancelled, the volume will go back up to full volume. Sending the opposite fade command while a fade is ongoing sounds pretty cool :sunglasses:


The Aeros can now reverse a track, it is only possible using MIDI at this time (we are working on a new hands-free system to do this and more without an external MIDI controller)

CC:46 Value:0 reverses the currently selected track (or last used in 2x2), and the value # reverses the corresponding track #.

Language Setting

Choose from English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese in the Device Settings screen. You will find a small flag icon in the top right, press this to open the language selection. A reboot is required to load a new language.

Check out the Quickstart Guide in the different languages too!


You can see a lot of video's about this looper and how it works in real time.
Also the last Beta update with a lot of new features
Best, is to have a midi controller to enjoy it fully


Imho - the Aeros Looper's features on latest firmware is approaching what was advertised 3.5 years ago when it was released - so ignore reviews /conclusions on this pedal prior to 2023 ;)