ATG-1 sound issue

Started by vard, January 28, 2018, 01:24:48 PM

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Hy everyone!

I've been using the ATG-1 for a few month now with my Godin xTSA and I noticed something that looks more like a firmware issue on the pedal: on all single coil emulations on guitars with 3 pickups (i.e. California, Lipstick), whenever the Neck+Middle pickup option is selected, the B and the E string sound filtered down, like a low pass filter on them, or more like the tone is rolled down a bit just for these two high strings. The other lower strings, E,A,D and G sound normal, with the proper amount of treble, it's just the two high strings that sound dull, like worn out strings. As soon as I switch to any other pickup emulation everything is fine, all strings have the same amount of treble, it's only on the Neck + Mid where I can hear this, and that's annoying because I really like the tone on this position.

Anyone else noticed this and if so, is there a known solution?

Many thanks! 


Did you come to any conclusion?  I'm a pretty big fan of the Strat 2/4 positions, and can make do with the mid+bridge tone in lieu of the neck+mid working correctly, but would love to know if there's a solution to this problem. 
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