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Here is my solution for maximum control of the SY-1000.

I build these in small numbers. Check here for availability:
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Last post by GearSounds - Yesterday at 11:45:51 PM
Quote from: Brak(E)man on January 24, 2023, 12:23:04 AMAs Admin said.
There's a setting for that, not at all difficult to turn off.
See page 30 reference guide attached
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This should solve my issue in theory! Now to try and change every patch to non chromatic. Thank you very much for the help!
I created a LiveSet and copied some patches from the Pedal/Editor (farthest left) column into the LiveSet. 
Seems to me that these patches in the LiveSet column should sound exactly the same right?
They don't.
Is this an issue that is known?  Any ideas or links?
Edit - After I posted I was experimenting a bit.  The patches in the Librarian that were made by doing a Backup sound right.  The patches I made in 6he Librarian by dragging and dropping don't.  Hmmm.
Edit 2 - If I drag and drop a patch from a backup to a LiveSet and do an A/B test it sounds close, but not exactly the same as the one in the backup.
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Last post by gumtown - Yesterday at 07:01:49 PM
Hello, welcome to vguitarforums.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi all
Last post by macman70 - Yesterday at 03:54:55 PM
Nice to have a new member! Enjoy the forum :)
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Last post by whippinpost91850 - Yesterday at 02:49:52 PM
Welcome To The Family 😊
Sounds like a good way to connect them,
 I try not to have too many analog/digital & digital/analog conversions in the signal path as possible.
Just sold Kemper, and bought quad cortex instead I want to use it with sy-1000 . I have pickup GK3 installed on bass.
Routing is... GK3 pickup to SY1000, jack from guitar to QC. Audio from SY1000 to return1/2 block in QC. I put this block depending if I want use QC power for sound design or just strictly with no processing. Since sy1000 has its own output from guitar I don't need to use sends from QC.
Is it good way to connect this two units?
Give me some feedback with it... Thank You.

Thanks a Lot, gumtown!

I finally got it to work and disengage the Wah at heel down, with your help.

The images above are for reference in case others have issues as I did, showing the patch, Control, and Assign Tabs 1 & 2.

(I used 1 and 2, verses 2 and 3 as it seemed a smoother transition to me.)

I'm using an old Mission w/ spring pedal- TRS cable.

EXP-1 is going to my FS-7.
EXP-2 is going to the Mission Pedal.

Also shown in the pics is my setup for:
CTRL-1 = DS on/off
CTRL-2 = Master Delay on/off
FS-7 CTRL-3 (B) = Wah on/off
FS-7 CTRL-4  (A) = Flanger on/off

FS-7 switch settings = Polarity-1, Latch

Hope this helps-
THANKS Again! :)

Edited: I didn't know until later that the Wah seems to come on now by just moving the Mission pedal, without having to actually turn the Wah on 1st using the FS-7! More testing on this.