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Only problem with this design is the gravity generator is in the wrong place, it works much better slightly further forward.

Free "GR-55 FloorBoard" editor software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/grfloorboard/


Direct Inspiration for Duane Allman

1968 Jesse Ed Davis w/ Taj Mahal

Statesboro Blues · Taj Mahal

℗ Originally released 1968. All rights reserved by Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Guitar: Jesse Edwin Davis
Drums: Sanford Konikoff
Composer, Lyricist: Willie McTell
Bass: James Thomas
Producer: David Rubinson



Vacuum Tube Triode Nonlinearity as Part of The Electric Guitar Sound
T. E. Rutt, Aardvark Audio, Red Bank NJ
Presented at the 76th Convention of Audio Engineering Society
0ctober 8-11, 1984, New York (Preprint 2141 F-5)





"How can I actually do hex processing in series to external hardware, since the Roland devices don't have hex analog outputs?"
a bit of a workaround is

* Use a GP-10 or SY-1000, either provide 8 USB Audio Channels output ( one per string+ Stereo Out)

* Use a third party multichannel USB Audio Interface with 8 Output channels ( Focusrite Scarlet 18i20

* Use a Mac computer, create an "Aggregate Core Audio device" with GP-10/SY-1000 as 8 channel USB Audio input, and Scarlet 18i20 as 8 Channel USB Audio Output

Use Rogue Amoeba Loopback to make the I/O connections

(there is some minor latency added  - but it accomplishes net result of 8 Live Audio analog output channels sourced from GP-10/ SY-1000 for real time use with third party hardware

Not found a similar solution for Windows



PRS SE Hollowbody w/ Bigsby
Surf gig with Boomer Surf Band

1st gig of 2021 , was going to play my 2020 Fender Jazzmaster , but during sound check the PRS SE just had better note definition and puncher tone -stock G&B pickups. I have a coil split mod switch but ended up not using it as stock PUs sounded open, airy, bright yet meaty

My rig that day:
(64 Fender Tube Reverb, Barber Tone Press, EHX OD Glove, Artist Tweedtone 20 watt el84 tube Amp





Secrets of master guitarists, revealed in conversation.

Guitar Talk offers interviews with many of the most creative guitarists of our time. This new book presents these conversations, between Joel Harrison and Nels Cline, Pat Metheny, Fred Frith, Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, Elliott Sharp, Michael Gregory Jackson, Ben Monder, Anthony Pirog, Henry Kaiser, Mike and Leni Stern, Vernon Reid, Mary Halvorson, Nguyên Le, Rez Abbasi, Ava Mendoza, Liberty Ellman, Brandon Ross, Wayne Krantz, Dave Fiuczynski, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Miles Okazaki, Sheryl Bailey, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ralph Towner—twenty-seven great guitarists in all.

An enormous range of approaches and sounds exist in the modern guitar. The instrument can howl, scrape, scratch, scream, sing, pluck, and soothe. What stands out in this book is not so much the instrument itself, rather the wonderful and idiosyncratic personalities of these bold souls, their sometimes wild, often zigzagging, and ultimately profound journeys toward beauty, meaning, and excellence in their work.

We find out that jazz icon Bill Frisell won a high school band contest playing R&B tunes, beating out future members of Earth Wind and Fire. We learn which of Nels Cline's compositions he wishes to have played at his funeral. Michael Gregory Jackson recounts painful episodes of racism as he stretched between the chasm of avant jazz, rock, and blues in the 1980s. Many more revelations, amusements, and philosophies abound.





Roots of Tangerine Dream


Been playing a lot of live gigs past year  with two local bands - one is a 4 piece, (more like a zep/who trio line up + a female singer) , and I play rock covers and vintage surf tunes lately using a small pedal board ( Mooer Blues Driver, Mosky Timmy clone , Boss DD-500 delay, '64 Fender Reverb unit, into a 15 watt 12" Celestion tube combo amp .  Last week I had played Saturday evening (2 hours) , Monday evening (5 hours) , and then Tuesday was a 2 hour 4th of July concert in the park to a packed crowd before sunset.  At the last gig on the 4th the 20 year old soundman was running up to my pedal board to change settings , but he was confused and left it alone, but he indicated he was not too happy with what he was hearing - as he's used to Metal bands, Dance DJ /rappers. Or SRV Blues bands - and not aware of Dick Dale Surf guitar tones - it was a windy day and I thought I delivered an average performance despite the flak from the soundman. Was happy to leave and get some rest. Today I found out several other guitar players who I consider the top tier in my community- a few former GIT/Dick Grove jazz cat guitar teachers ive known 40 years ( since my Valley Arts days as a repairman) who've never seen me play before contacted me to say they were happy to finally hear me play guitar, saying "great tone! And great playing"!
Its a reminder that you never know who might be in the audience at every performance, and always deliver your best, and not get thrown off your game from negative actions of a small few.