GTK Feedbacker vs Digitech Freqout

Started by Not the Boss of me, September 18, 2023, 07:47:32 AM

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Not the Boss of me

I really have enjoyed my GT1000, I just wish that the Feedbacker was up to scratch and able to match the performance of my Digitech Freqout. I've had multiple goes at this and must have tried every possible setting but no cigar :(

It's not an effect I would use a lot but it's frustrating that the Boss equivalent effect is offered at all if it cannot come close to the competition.

Has anyone else been able to get a half decent fee back tone from GTK?


If you play with headphones, there is no alternative but to use either the feedbacker in the GT1K or a similar external device.

If you don't like the feedbacker, try the sound hold effect instead or a combination of both.

I play via an frfr box in the rehearsal room and at performances. It is possible for me to generate controlled feedback at any time without using the feedbacker. Of course, this assumes there is enough volume, compression and gain.


There are two modes in that feedbacker, OSC creates a tone that sounds a little like feedback, NORMAL changes the EQ to try to make generating feedback easier.

With NORMAL you still have to have a speaker to generate feedback, you can't do it with headphones.

With OSC, experiment with low rise times.