Started by Parker, September 18, 2023, 07:23:45 AM

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Hi would  anyone no how to connect  the vg-88 and the gr33 and the boss 800 guitar synthesizer all 3 together I have the roloand US-20 unit selector but that can Handel 2 items only?


Hi Parker

There are several forum contributors here who make units that split a GK input into more than two outputs.

I have sixeight's one

Robert from Primova Sound has one with more configuration options

I think Bill Bax has been working on a new version of his P7 switcher, but I'm not certain that he has anything ready to sell at the moment

Wayne Joness also has some resources, but I'm not sure he's manufacturing them any more
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Are you using a GK-2A/GK-3 or the new GK-5 ?
That will make some difference to know where to start.

But I think inevitably you are going to need a D.I.Y GK 1 in to GK 3 out splitter adapter. (if your pickup is GK-2A/GK-3) and a GKC-AD converter.

If your pickup is a GK-5, then you will need a GK 1 in to GK 2 out splitter adapter (US-20) and a GKC-DA converter.
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