Angled GK mounting - collective wisdom required

Started by Headless68, September 11, 2023, 11:29:51 AM

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So I am fitting a GK5 internally & I want to mount it at an angle to better fit my narrow (steinberger) sting width. The Bass E will be at 40mm (10mm more than the manual (& settings) recommend
My question is - will this have a significant issue (I.e. worse than the annoying volume drop on high E when strings are bent up above 12th fret with the pickup mounted straight )



It's my main custom headless - it's got no less than three steinberger tremolo systems engineered together

I have been through all 38 pages and can find nobody who has and angled mounting (probably because 99% of guitars don't need to ) - so I will mock it up before I start making scratch plate


Where the GK pickup cable runs through the hole makes my eyes hurt !!  :o
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