EQ settings for heavy tone with X-modded

Started by SK, August 30, 2023, 04:11:09 AM

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New GT-1000 Core user here, hi :)

For those interested - I usually play my Triple XXX tube amp and tried to match my recording tone with the GT-1000 Core (and simulatenously with Revalver4 which has the XXX sim). Mostly playing heavier stuff from progressive to Death Metal with lots of distortion (Lead channel on my XXX, with boost for leads).

Ended up using the X-modded, but had to shape the tone with the parametric EQ to get really close. Bass cut at 80-100 Hz, high cut at 10.5k, low mids around 1.25k -3dB with Q=2. If needed you can slightly boost the high mids around 4-5k for the leads.

The signal is quite broad-band, so no need to boost anything. Cutting is advised, also in order to place the tracks properly in the mix without killing the vocals or snare drum, you'll probably need to cut out some mid spikes in the DAW (pick scratching and such).

Direct comparison vs. the amp and the XXX sim in Revalver shows that all three now sound pretty much identical regarding the dynamics, sustain, harmonics etc.

Seems like 96kHz/32 bit did more to improve the tone (also for Revalver on my PC) than any other tricks or settings or IR-choice. Greatest thing is that the aliasing "mosquito buzz" you know from Helix and such is simply not there. And harmonics played in high positions on the e-string sound clear and full and ring out nicely.

Tried a bunch of good IR's but ended up using the original Boss cab sim - they sound more lively and natural than any external IR.

Hope someone finds this helpful. Love the device, both as a modeler and as an audio interface. Only home studio use and for that I can highly recommend it. Can't really evaluate the endless routing/switching etc. options, I don't use it for live playing.


Here's a sample, didn't bother fine-tuning the EQ and volume in the mix but good enough to get the picture:


Carvin DC127 with Duncan Custom5 in the bridge --> GT-100 Core directly via USB

Original recording with real XXX amp:

Revalver4 with XXX sim (a bit too scooped mids in this take):