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Started by Elantric, August 17, 2023, 04:16:19 AM

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Boss ME-90

ME-90 Features
Dial in Professional Sounds in Seconds
The BOSS ME series has been a favorite of performing guitarists for over three decades, combining multi-effects power with intuitive hands-on control for crafting tones in seconds. The ME-90 is the most advanced ME model to date, offering exceptional audio quality, flagship-grade AIRD amp models, IR loading, an effects loop, and more. Compact, battery-powered, and filled with premium BOSS tones, this versatile all-in-one processor makes it easy to build customized sound setups for every playing situation.


Standard Features
All-in-one guitar processor with premium BOSS amps and effects
Easy stompbox-style sound creation with an intuitive knob-based interface
Exceptional audio quality with 24-bit AD and 32-bit DA conversion, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 48 kHz sampling rate
Eleven onboard AIRD amp models and 60 different effects derived from the flagship GT-1000
Dedicated amp section plus seven simultaneous effect categories with multiple types to choose from
Edit parameters, swap out amp and effect types, and more with BOSS Tone Studio
Eight multi-function footswitches and a newly redesigned expression pedal with toe switch
36 ready-to-play preset patches and 36 user patches for storing custom setups
Manual mode for pedalboard-style operation and Memory mode for switching complete patch setups
Rear-panel switch to optimize the audio outputs for a guitar amp or full-range sound system
Load up to three user speaker IRs with the ME-90 IR Loader software for Windows/macOS
Send/return loop for external pedals
Light, durable design and colorful status LEDs
Powered via four AA batteries or optional AC adaptor
USB-C connector for communicating with BOSS Tone Studio and audio recording/playback with music production software
Download and share ME-90 Livesets at BOSS Tone Exchange
Optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor allows you to edit sounds and stream audio from an iOS or Android mobile device

For optimal performance, stay up to date with the current ME-90 system software and BOSS Tone Studio.

Download "BOSS TONE STUDIO for ME-90" for Windows/macOS
Download "BTS for ME-90" for iOS
Download "BTS for ME-90" for Android

Fast Sound Creation
With its knob-driven interface and diverse effects selection, the ME-90 lets you build configurations and tweak tones with the ease of a stompbox-filled pedalboard—without the hassle of fastening tape, power distribution, and multiple connection cables. Just dial up an amp model or effect type within a category and turn the knobs to get the sound you want. There are 36 preset patches with ready-to-play pro tones, plus 36 user patches for storing your custom creations.

Flexible Real-Time Control
The ME-90 features eight footswitches with smooth, quiet operation and an expression pedal with an integrated toe switch. Use Memory mode to call up complete patch setups with the footswitches, and then switch to Manual mode for direct on/off control of each effect category within the patch. The footswitch LEDs light in different colors for quick identification in the heat of a performance. It's also possible to set all LEDs to light in a fixed color for each mode if desired.

High-Quality BOSS Effects
The ME-90 puts a massive library of BOSS effects at your command, offering seven different categories filled with selections derived from the flagship GT-1000. Everything you need is here, from overdrives and distortions to pitch/mod effects, delays, and high-quality reverbs. You also get 11 dedicated Pedal FX, a looper, and specialized effects such as acoustic simulation and down tuning. There are 60 effect types in total, with access to over 20 more via BOSS Tone Studio. A send/return loop is available for external pedals, complete with the ability to save the on/off status in patches and place the loop before or after amp models in the signal chain.

Premium Amp Sounds with AIRD Technology
Along with its effects, the ME-90 includes amp models ported from the GT-1000, driven by our advanced AIRD technology for authentic tube tone and touch response. Eleven onboard amp types offer everything from clean combo sounds to punishing high-gain stacks, and you can access more selections in BOSS Tone Studio. Each amp includes a dedicated cab sound for connecting to a PA or recording device, and you can load three of your favorite speaker IRs to personalize sounds to your taste.

Edit, Customize, and Expand
BOSS Tone Studio for macOS and Windows extends your creative range, allowing you to edit tones and change out some amp and effect types with alternate selections. In addition, you can save and organize patches for different gigs, download pro setups at BOSS Tone Central, and swap patches with the ME-90 community on BOSS Tone Exchange. The ME-90 also supports the optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor, enabling you to stream music from a mobile device and wirelessly shape tones using the dedicated BTS editor app for iOS and Android.

Light, Durable, and Ready to Travel
The ME-90 is lighter than its previous generation model while maintaining the rock-solid durability that BOSS is famous for. The expression pedal has been newly redesigned as well for even finer parameter control. You can power the processor with four AA batteries or an optional AC adaptor, and a rear-panel switch instantly optimizes the outputs for use with a guitar amp or a full-range sound system such as a PA. And along with BOSS Tone Studio communication, the USB-C output allows you to use the ME-90 as a computer audio interface for your go-to music production software.






Calibrating the ME-90 expression pedal
Although the ME-90's expression pedal has been set for optimum
operation at the factory, extended use and the operating
environment can result in the pedal going out of adjustment.
If you experience issues such as the expression pedal switch not
responding or not being able to fully minimize the sound with the
volume pedal, calibrate the expression pedal.
1   Press the [MEMORY/MANUAL] pedal to switch to
manual mode (p. 6).
2  Hold down the [CTL] button and press the [DELAY]
The display indicates "Pd" -> "Up".
3  Press down on the heel end of the expression
pedal and take your foot off and press the [WRITE]
dn  is shown on the display.
4  Press the toe end of the expression pedal and take
your foot off and press the [WRITE] button.
The responsiveness (sensitivity) of the current expression pedal
switch is shown in the display.
Value: 1–9
In steps 3 and 4, press the [WRITE] button while the pedal is not
fully pressed either with your toe or with your heel. The display
starts blinking. Then, press the pedal up to maximum position
with your toes and press the [WRITE] button.
5  Use the [BANKÉ] and [BANKÇ] pedals to adjust
the responsiveness (sensitivity) of the expression
pedal switch.
Lower values make the pedal switch more responsive (lighter).
6  Press the [WRITE] button.
The settings are saved.



To restore the ME-90 to its default factory settings, please follow the procedure below.
Please make sure to back up any user Memory Patch data, to the BTS/BOSS TONE STUDIO for ME-90 software editor LIBRARIAN, then execute the Factory Reset. All user data will be erased, and initialized if resetting both SYSTEM+MEMORY.

Note: It is good practice, to execute a Factory Reset, immediately after updating the device firmware.
This helps re-align the System firmware after the update process.

Power ON the ME-90, press the [MEMORY/MANUAL] pedal to switch to Manual Mode (BLUE LED) -
ME-90: Switching between MANUAL and MEMORY mode article.
Hold down the small black [CTL] button, beneath exit, and press the [MOD] footswitch pedal simultaneously.
The display indicates "FA".
Press the [WRITE] button.
The tuning guide blinks ">FA<"
Press the [WRITE] button again.
The display ">FA<" blinks, while in the process of reset, and wait for the Factory Reset to complete.
It will return to a User Patch and normal playability.
NOTE: Never turn off the power while the Factory Reset is in progress!




Actually the ME-90 Spring Reverb has just the right drip for Surf and gets close to my prior favorite Roland Spring Reverb in Cube Street. For vintage Surf tone the ME-90 Spring Reverb  is superior to GT-1000, GX-100


To be sure, I don't hate it. It definitely has the surf and 60's vibe. I just got the ME-90 a week ago. Surf isn't my thing, but the spring reverb does get into "White Rabbit" territory, which is certainly cool enough.