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Started by Elantric, August 17, 2023, 02:37:15 AM

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Preliminary Boss ME-90 user review

Unit ships with Firmware 1.01, first order of business is upgrade to Firmware 1.03 - else no connection to Mobile Boss Tone Studio for ME-90 ( Android).

I installed a Boss BT DUAL adapter.

Majority of factory presets were disappointment.
I connected  Mobile Boss Tone Studio for ME-90 ( Android), with my Galaxy S10+ phone - and notice due to the lower number of ME-90 parameters ( vs the Boss GX-100) , i had a rapid bi directional update of ME-90 patch data - none of the sluggish experience of GX-100) and building my own ME-90 patches is a joy - the Amp and FX models are much improved vs the older ME-80. And auditioning Roland Tone Central presets was instaneous, which kept me engaged. I downloaded the " Seltzerized" rockabilly patch and had a credible slap back rockabily tone - then put the ME-90 in MANUAL MODE,  and started auditioning the FX within each block - the important effects I need are all presemt, I changed Amp model to TWIN COMBO , cranked up reverb control knob to 90% max in the Spring Reverb range- instantly could hear ME-90 exceeds the older COSM algorithms , I prefer ME-90 Spring reverb to anything I tried on GT-1000 Spring reverb , and ME-90 a breeze to dial in a credible ASTRONAUTS "BAJA" drip spring reverb tone - After reading manual, was easy to make a Bluetooth Audio connection with my phone, and play along with any Youtube audio - working on ME-90 Headphones jack output  only, ME-90 Output mode on LINE Output mode.

Maintaining Spontaneity and ultra fast editing  to keep my brain in the creative zone, and no menu diving required to access the ME-90 FX controls I need at a live gig is what the Boss ME-90 is all about.

Huge difference in workflow vs my dissapointing GX-100 experience.

I plan to use ME-90 at a live gig soon
Battery powered , very high quality audio.  no ground loop hum/ noise.

Boss ME-90 also works with EV-1-WL wireless Expression Pedal  and FS-1-WL Wireless Footswitch - to add more control  ( will test USB MIDI I/O - have preliminary successful USB MIDI transmission of Program Change and Expression Pedal MIDI CC#11  results with Android USB-C connection at link below

This ME-90 is going to get a lot of use



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