Yamaha Revstar II Standard RSS20

Started by Bluesbird, July 02, 2023, 08:16:38 AM

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Have heard a lot of online praise for the Revstar II standard. I dropped by my local music store and they just got one in the day before. At the store, I tried high end PRS, Fender, G&L and the quality of the Revstar was above those higher priced offerings. I brought it home with me. Beautiful stainless steel frets, carbon reinforced neck. The guitar is perfect in every way. I'm shocked an instrument of this quality is coming out of Indonesia at $800. These are keepers. I've had Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Guild, and this one beats all those I had before.

Gear: Yamaha Revstar RSS20, Squier Contemporary Starcaster with internal Fishman Tripleplay Connect, Line 6 Helix Native, Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2, Novation Launckkey 49, Ableton Live 11 Suite, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro.


Im used to pre 1965 guitars, which all exhibit a thicker depth profile neck , and definitely NOT thin and narrow as 99% of all new non gibson guitars.
I visited two music stores - and the ultra cheap Glarry guitars and a few UK Vintage brand guitars ( designed by Trev Wilkinson) were among the few I could consider buying.

Then went to local Fender, Gibson Dealer and only the Richie Kotzen Tele was playable. And a few Road Worn Strats - rest of all Fenders and Squiers were very thin necks. - much too thin for me
I did like the new Guild Jazzmaster looking Surf guitar with tremolo and neck binding. But tough to topple my 2010 PRS SE Hollowbody with Bigsby - which has a factory  Neck with ebony fretboard and a 59 Les Paul Profile neck geometry on a 25" scale length. I also like the Les Paul like Neck profile on my Steinberger ZT-1