Extra expression pedal switch ( or I’m guessing 3 extra ) on GT-1 and GP-10

Started by Brak(E)man, April 20, 2023, 02:06:47 AM

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Extra expression pedal switch ( or I'm guessing 3 extra, low , mid , high) on GT-1 and GP-10
Possible more units, I haven't checked yet.
Setting the expression pedal to trigger internal pedal at exp 1 low and setting the internal pedal to target one or more of the parameters you listed.
See p. 12 e02w GP-10 or p 17-21 GT-1
 see attached. OD on/off as an example, you can select any parameter but not the solo on/off, at least not on GT-1 , but you can fi set the max and min effect level instead , same same but different.
This is made on a GT-1 , it should be the same on GP-10 ,  I'll try it later but I think it's good.
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