NEW! Writer's Challenge May 2023 - Make It Funky!

Started by Chrismiami, April 13, 2023, 03:14:12 PM

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Here it is!  The first new challenge since 2015! The best way to get new ideas is to clear out the old ones - creativity is an endless resource. So let's flush the old and welcome the new!

The Challenge
This challenge is pretty simple. Create something musical (or noisy!) using the backing track attached to this post.  For reference, I've added a chart, but the structure of the track is just 2 chords repeated.

Add anything you want using your guitar synth - more drums, ambient slime, soaring leads, a cool rhythm guitar - just make it FUNKY!

Post your audio on SoundCloud or wherever you can link to it, then reply to this message telling us where we can listen!

The Rule
I think too many constraints is no fun, but there is ONE RULE: all copyright is retained by the submitter of an audio file and sharing a file here is NOT PERMISSION TO COPY or REUSE in ANY WAY.  Let's just have fun and respect each other's intellectual property!

The Deadline
Deadline is -- FOREVER! Someday, sometime in the year 2245 someone will read this and say, "Hey, I wanna post one!" and they absolutely should.

But, the next challenge will be out for June 2023, and it's more fun to do things in real time, right? 

Gear up! Get out your DAW and let's hear 'em!

Backing Track:
Leadsheet: attached to this message


Well, I set the first deadline over a month away for the first one because I'm hoping the word will seep out and also giving people more time to get acclimated to playing with ideas.

I finally imported the track to GarageBand and chopped it into segments. I had some cool mental ideas, but I've yet to try out any musical ones.

Definitely looking to get some of that 70's rhythm guitar chonking along!

Is anyone else planning to take a swing at it?


Can you post it as an MP3 or WAV. file. I assume it's your material? It would make it a lot easier to get it into a DAW. I might take a wack at it.
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Quote from: Mrchevy on April 21, 2023, 05:07:40 AMCan you post it as an MP3 or WAV. file. I assume it's your material? It would make it a lot easier to get it into a DAW. I might take a wack at it.

Originally that was my plan but it was too big to post. And squashing it to fit makes it sound like crap.  I thought you could download from Soundcloud if you have an account.  If not, the original URL is shown on the SC page and you can definitely get it from there (or link below).

The backing track isn't mine, it's open source audio I found on WikiLoops: HERE

Glad to see someone else might post!


Man, this is harder than I thought it would be!  The first mod to the track I had planned was adding a trebly rhythm guitar to it.  I used to be able to play that but the rust has accumulated! And this track is pretty full of itself too - not a lot of leg room to slide in between things. Oh well, back to the studio!

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