Mvave -Chocolate BLE MIDI Controller

Started by admin, November 20, 2021, 12:17:31 PM

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M-vave -Chocolate YouTube Video Looper plug in for Chrome Browser
Note:The pedal interface ,only support the cuvave looper pro now.

Please make sure your IOS system is version 14 above,Android is Version 8 above.or you can not download the app

Cuvave change the logo to M-vave soon

Portable midi pedal, compact and lightweight,send message via USB and Bluetooth
Work as the Page turner
Smart APP control, easy to operate, easy to use
2.5 hours of charging and 12 hours of extended battery life
The display can directly feedback your command, intuitive and clear
Suit for PC, MAC, IOS, ANDROID system

Note:only support part of iOS Page turner app,ibook

Product size:227(L)*55(W)*35(H)mm
prodcut weight:350g

Package include:
1* MIDI controller
1* Cable



Yep I'm working with it ( too many gig rehearsals)

The big reveal is the $18 combo accessory MIDI BLE dongle adapter combo

The mini USB dongle is equivalent to a CME UHost

This video explains -

Must have a USB Class Compliant device ( like Catalyst) ,

so that rules out most Roland/Boss Gear


Has anyone tried the YouTube video control/browser extension?

Also wondering if the Vidami plugin works could be made to work with the chocolate.  It's fuller featured, doesn't need to be side loaded (e.g., in Chrome store), and I suspect it will be better maintained.


Should be able to make the Vidami plugin work for the Chocolate. These devices are just USB/Bluetooth keyboards which means anything that generates these keystrokes should work.

The Vidami triggers off of the following keystrokes from the device. 


The Chocolate extension only adds support for looping (which Youtube does not have a direct keystroke for) via F13 (keycode 124)  function key character.  Everything else maps to the YouTube keystrokes.

The Vidami handles handles more than YouTube (long list of sites) and translates from it's (non-conflicting characters) to whatever each site needs.

Wondering if the Chocolate can pair as a Bluetooth Keyboard (or if this is just BLE Midi) to my laptop?  USB cable and dongle is somewhat of a pain.   Don't have mine yet to test.  @admin

If not I might be able to setup some BLE Midi to keystroke bridge....

Hate having to connect a USB wire/dongle.  If 


I purchased all this for a total of $30.48 Cdn. I should be able to find some good uses for it!

M-VAVE Chocolate Programmable MIDI Controller 4 Footswitchs Page Turner 2 in 1 Pedal Wireless MIDI System 5-PIN DIN Master
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