Suggested amplifier for GR 55?

Started by Bobzilla57, March 22, 2020, 10:05:30 AM

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I would ask the group for suggestions on type of amp for better performance using the GR 55. Thank you!

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group Bobzilla57!  :)


Quote from: Bobzilla57 on March 22, 2020, 10:05:30 AM
I would ask the group for suggestions on type of amp for better performance using the GR 55. Thank you!

I use a pair of QSC K10.2

Amplifications Systems for DSP modeling / Synths


I'm coming full circle back to my QSC K10's.

I started with the GR-55 and the K10's, then moved to the GP-10 with the K10's, then moved to the GR-55 with a Katana 100 head (Katana patches for straight guitar and the "clean" amp for synth patches).

I did all of last year's gigs with that last setup and it held up very well in the full band.

But now, adding the SY1000 (to handle acoustic guitars and amp models and effects) to the GR-55 (for specific sound sources like sax or flute or clavinet...things I can't figure out how to synthesize on the SY1000) I'm going to go back to my pair of K10's.

This "stay at home" period is helping me sort out the patches and midi between the two devices and get the rig ready for when we resume rehearsals.


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I use a single EV ZLX-12p here. For solo or duo gigs it's good as a stand-alone, for full band the gr-55 goes straight into the PA with a monitor signal back to the EV...... not that there are any gigs going on at this time  :)


I use a Atomic CLR- NEO with both My Kemper and GR55


I use two GR55's through an Aspen Pittman spacestation XL stereo  powered monitor. Expensive and worth every penny.


I have a pair of Meyer UM-1P's... but they are heavy, and I do alot of fly-in gigs where my powered cab is backlined locally. I end up with a lot of QSC K-series of various models, and I prefer the K8, mostly for the wider dispersion horn, which I feel sounds more realistic in the "nearfield" application on stage. I tried a HeadRush FRFR108, but it just didn't move air on a real stage. I also tried a Turbo Sound Iq8, which did well for the acoustic guitar, piano, and drum sounds, but something about the DSP seemed to ruin the electric guitar tones.

But recently I was able to try the QSC CP8 and frankly, it's my new favorite. It has a certain bounce when you push it that feels like a guitar amp, but it moves serious air when I run weird synth, drums, or bass patches. And they're fairly cheap and common.

I have been using a GR-55 as my primary "amp" for about 10 years in the "jam band" scene.