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Started by Elantric, May 01, 2018, 04:23:26 PM

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I've been using performance mode, in my 2 cover bands, since it came out.
I use my iPad (SetList Maker) to send 1st song performance and to Kemper &GR55. Then for the performances that need more then 1 slot, I use the Kemper Stage/ Remote to switch & send MIDI
Most of my performance slots send pc messages to GR55 and sometimes mutes Kemper



Stomp FX on Kemper always  baffles me

I just wish my Kemper reacted same as this video above.

( because on 90% of the rigs i downloaded over the years, I can NOT edit & add Stomp FX )  - perhaps some internal "Stomp Lock out" setting is enabled? - but where? 

The current beta  firmware 8.6 seems  stable enough, but

Where is the "Global Reset"

Closest I found is  "Erase all Rigs", then I'll load up only a few known good recent rigs , and hopefully my Kemper controls will start working , and finally be able to add stomp boxes,/internal FX to Rigs

Kemper suffers a bit because in depth tutorials created back in 2013 show steps which no longer work in latest 2021 firmware ,

Just need to Google each action I want to accomplish,  being mindful of "Stale info" dates for the recommended procedures

Next hurdle will be programming my  Kemper Remote to access the Stomp boxes-

(Eureka! After watching the video above,  I finally have my Kemper Remote controlling Stomp FX on / off

Secret was must press the desired STOMP FX Button on Kemper profiler while simultaneously pressing the Desired Control Footswitch on Kemper Remote 

(There is opportunity here to write a Kemper How To Manual - I find all the existing Kemper manuals poorly organized, and principal use is for putting me to sleep.   


If I understand correctly, it sounds like you're stomp effect section may be locked. Here is a short thread from the KPA forum, that may help.


Its definitely a task to get up to speed on the Kemper.

I feel like I'm using a corporate PC where all advanced functions are grayed out, not accessible unless logged in as Administrator

Had an easier time programming a motion controlled in situ semiconductor radiation effects tester vs the Kemper. Which has been waiting stable firmware, and a need to use it - it certainly sounds superior to the harsh Helix

Latest working Kemper Rig Manager app helps a lot. But I'd like to change order of effects, but that appears not possible on my Kemper -purchased one of the 1st 100 available KPA Toasters  in USA in 2012 ( maybe that's my problem?)

Despite tutorials here

I was attempting to use the Helix  VDI interface for my JTV-69, and program alt tunings for songs in my bands setlist, (appeared very capable on paper) but in actual use all I got was a horrid HD500 type tone on every Amp /cab combo I tried on Helix- really bad

Helix approaches usable tone after adjusting the 1/4" Guitar Input Impedance, but that feature is unavailable with the VDI Cat5 cable

The Nux MG-30 blows Helix away,  even the SY-1000 alone blows Helix away


All I can tell you is I've been giggin with mine for 10 yrs and they just keep adding to it.
I didn't find the learning curve to be to difficult, compared to Roland stuff.
They're also makin it a little easier to find stuff, but like Roland manuals suck
I've sold my Toaster and now just use my Stage


Maybe after the 99th bang my head on the Kemper Document wall. I'll have a breakthrough.

But its been a severely hampered experience  for me,

Long press Stomps, navigate FX, then look on the right side to find the "ON switch  -
Its like learning to control an alien spaceship , compared to all my other MFX-perhaps because I never used an Access Virus Synth


I never used an Access either,
Unfortunately you sound a little biased, and don't mean that to be derogatory. Maybe just old frustration setting in, lol
I'm an old guy and was able figure it out.   In performance mode it's pretty simple to switch the effects order. Just follow the switches above the screen


It is weird, but there are just some electronic instruments that I just don't "get", when programming, and others that are generally not a problem. For instance, Kemper is pretty logical and intuitive, for me, yet the SY1000 seems the opposite, and I have to spend twice as much time for somewhat simple things. Control assignments are a pain in the ass for me to "get" on the SY. At my age, it's good for the mind though, to just keep working with it, as the payoff is well worth it. Probably why a lot of old geezers work crossword puzzles, while I cuss at the SY and try to program it. That combo of KPA and SY, with my GR in the return on the normal input branch, gives me just killer combinations. So I'm not gonna be daunted by the SY I'm just gonna keep plugging at it till I get it programmed the way I want it. Trust me, the Kemper is worth whatever trouble you are experiencing. Some things we bond with and some we don't.


Update - After I Purged 600 old Kemper Rigs I acquired since 2012 , and reinstalled just Factory Rigs, Finally my Kemper is behaving , and I'm making much progress using my original KPA Toaster and Kemper Remote

The Effects really are amazing, and the latest Firmware and Rig Manager is something I wished was around back in 2012 when I purchased mine.


Welcome back to the Kemper user community!  I've had an unpowered rack for a couple of years, but continued to rely on a Helix + CLR for gigs.  During covid I picked up a Kone, 3rd-party open back cab and Duncan PS-170 on a whim.  Results were just short of amazing and I switched to this rig when the world re-started last Spring.  I've tried hard not to get sucked into the rabbit hole and have relied on exactly two presets: MBritt Marshall 50 w/ Celestion G12 and Top Jimi BF Twin w/ Jensen C12.  With proper tweaking of parameters this covers almost anything I need to do live and sounds great. 

As with all hi-tech modelers I've found it best to use KISS as my guiding mantra.  Too easy to end up with analysis paralysis (which I know quite well from my previous life in software development).



Big problem with most guitar product videos is many waste too much time with guitar wanking for 1st 5 minutes. Then 10 minutes of off topic chit chat of self promotion,  with any luck after 15 minutes there may be only 30 seconds spent revealing the operation work flow steps  to make the hardware mentioned in YouTube video topic actually  work

I found this  Comprehensive Kemper Remote operation  tutorial answers bulk of my questions.


More free rigs available.