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Started by Elantric, May 21, 2016, 07:41:13 AM

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I agree with Premier guitars they look cool sound cool but the pickup selector is odd. Another high priced guitar enters market.


Those photos are too big. They really are enormous.


Looking at the general wiring, which is nicely done with screening everywhere, I do wonder why they couldn't have used a proper battery box?  Those clip-on connectors for a PP3 are terribly prone to becoming intermittent and hardly help with a quick battery change.

A guitar this expensive deserves better.


That's an improvement, but this is even better - .

Th biggest problem with the 'normal' PP3 connectors is the female connector is too easily malformed.


 I watched the videos.

I don't think that it sounds very good. Now, I know that that could be due to the way it was recorded, or the Youtube video format, but I don't think that it sounds very good.

And it's ugly. Looks like it's been veneered with that wood paneling that people used to use to "beautify" their basements in the 50's and 60's.

Its body, being an enclosed chamber with no f-holes / ports, is essentially the same as a Harmony Stratotone.

I, personally, would much prefer a Harmony Stratotone: not only is a Stratotone much, much cheaper, it sounds much, much better.


Thanks to the inventive. forward-thinking designs and guitars which may as well play themselves, stopping by the Relish Guitars booth at Summer NAMM 2016 was nothing short of delightful. This Swiss company continues to dazzle and impress with decidedly "left field" construction and proprietary electronics. Check out this rundown of Vernon Reid's stunning Walnut Jane model, the company's flagship model with aluminum frame topped with gorgeous wood veneer and highly intriguing touch-toggle pickup selection, as well as a couple guitars from the Mary line. Jim wastes no time picking up and digging into these guitars so you can hear them for yourself.



new Relish Mary model guitar

easy to swap pickups with removable magnetically  attached rear cover


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Saw this earlier. Interesting idea, but not sure I'd buy one of these